Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Collateral Family

I ended up spending a goodly part of the day working on my 2nd cousin's family lines. When we visited them a year ago they were quite interested in the family tree work that I had done and expressed an interest in their family. I decided to extract their families' information and was quite successful at getting back to pre-census in just the one day. I passed it on to my cousin to see if he could find any errors or omissions.

I sent my old family images that we found the negatives for to my sister to work on. She has the original family albums but they were missing some of the pictures when we looked at them a couple of years ago. My husband photographed them in the 1970s so have shared those images with her. The big find was the picture of my father as a child of 3 in his sailor's uniform with his parents. I now have this excellent picture of my grandmother when she was about 30. Before this the pictures were of her when she was in her mid 40s and her ill health was starting to show. She died young at 64 years of age.

Tomorrow I need to get back to working on the Great Driffield records. My eyes were rather tired after my e hour session at the LDS and then another 3 hours at home.

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