Saturday, September 5, 2009

Online and the Siderfin-Question Family

My daughter is online and it only took the technician about 20 minutes - great service.

I asked a question about the Siderfin family because of a post on the Devon list which was referring to the Blackford family of Selworthy. James Hooper Sanders in his book "The Siderfin Family of West Somerset" mentions that Robert Siderfin's wife was Elizabeth Blackford. I haven't been able to verify this at all but a post mentioned the Blackford family and I thought I would ask the question about the Blackford family and the Siderfin family.

Simultaneously I received an email from a descendant of the Short family of Minehead. Initially I thought that this was in response to my post on Devon but it was an entirely a coincidence. The Short family is mentioned in James Sanders book in relation to the Quircke family which had married into the Siderfin family of Minehead. Alice (Quircke) Siderfin in her will mentions her Short cousins. However, I had not been able to link these families to my Robert Siderfin. I have now been provided with the evidence that Elizabeth Question (daughter of Augustine Question) was the wife of Robert Siderfin and the mother of Augustine Siderfin (amongst others). I am still limited by the name of the husband of Thomasine (grandmother of Augustine Siderfin). But gradually the family is coming together and the mistakes of James' book are getting corrected. Again the will of Thomasine is mentioned in James' book but I haven't found a copy of the full text yet. She mentions son Robert and cousin Robert Siderfin of Linch. Her husband's name is Robert according to James Sander's book and born 3 August 1658 at Selworthy and baptized 23 August 1658 at Selworthy. He then has a second wife for the same Robert born/baptized 1658 at Selworthy as Elizabeth Blackford which we now know to be erroneous because of Thomasine's will which he quotes! What could make sense is that Thomasine is married to the father of Robert born/baptized 1658 at Selworthy but is this man John Siderfin born/baptized 11 Apr 1619 at Wootton Courtney and the son of Robert Siderfin and Ursula Webber who married 23 July 1612 at Luxborough Somerset? Thomasine's will is dated 2nd July 1709. All of her grandchildren are born by this date and her son Robert was born 1658 and if she was 20 - 30 when he was born would give her a birth/baptism date of 1628 - 1638. She only mentions one son so has either outlived the rest (who left no heirs) or he was her only son so perhaps she was older which would make John Siderfin born/baptized 1619 a likely husband. In 1709 her eldest grandson is 24 years old. John Siderfin's descendants are known to be John born/baptized 15 Jul 1656 at Wootton Courtney and born/baptized 1660 at Minehead. Given that the two sons are not both born/baptized at Wootton Courtney is it possible that this Robert was the middle son? The confusing item though is referring to Robert Siderfin at Linch as a cousin since this is a descendant of John Siderfin (referred to above) and would be her grandson by this argument. Still more documents to find to sort this one out!

I spent a little time putting the Question family together from the will of Augustine Question which I learned about from the email correspondent and then downloaded from The National Archives website. There are a couple more wills that will be this same family according to the Poor Law Records that I photographed at Salt Lake City. I had copied the Poor Law records for Dunster when we were at Salt Lake City and I found my Augustine Question there in 1680. I do not know when Augustine moved to Carhampton but may be able to determine this from the Poor Law. I only transcribed one set of them thus far and I have a number of years worth which I will put up on my blog when I get them transcribed.

Consequently I did not spend any more time on Dorothy Hinxman's will today but will do so tomorrow. I have commenced the transcription of the first copy in 1667.

We worked on the Schultz family this afternoon for a while. They have been an interesting study and I have learned a lot about German records along the way. My husband has now looked at the Staven and Brohm films quite closely extracting all of his Schultz and Niemann families there. The next hint takes us to Warlin and he has ordered that film and I am hoping that it comes in early next week but may take another week.

We have two films on order at the Family History Centre here and my St Mary Bourne has now come in so I will go in next week to view it. I need to film the Great Driffield for the burials from 1653 to the mid 1700s and the baptisms and marriages from 1700 to the mid 1750s. I may continue filming Great Driffield to bring me up to the 1800s and perhaps further in as well since the Sproxton family continues to live in Great Driffield into the late 1800s (and I need to look at the 1900s).

The St Mary Bourne is my Lambden family that I am still trying to sort out. I ordered the Bradfield film (Berkshire) and could not conclude anything about the Nathanael Lambden baptized there at an appropriate time so I will now look at the Lambden family of St Mary Bourne who are found later at Andover. The IGI does not list a Nathanael there. This will be an interesting study as well. My 4x great grandmother Elizabeth Lambden Farmer was baptized in 1768 and died in 1862, My grandfather used to talk about his great grandmother who was nearly 100 when she died. He was born in 1875 so just 13 years after she died. His grandmother Farmer (her daughter) lived to be 89 and was well known to my grandfather and he learned a lot about his Farmer family from her but not enough to help me find Isaac Farmer (father of Ann Farmer Blake). Ann was only four years old when her father died so may not have known her Farmer relatives very well.

Tomorrow I shall continue transcribing Dorothy Hinxman's will and take a peak at the Dunster Poor Law Records.

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