Monday, September 14, 2009

United Church Archives

We had the opportunity to look at the United Church Archives in Toronto Ontario. I wanted to check and see if there were any entries for my missing Pincombe baptisms although did not expect to find them here but wanted to be sure to leave no stone unturned. I was correct; no entries. My families are all Anglican until my maternal grandfather decided to baptize his children in the Methodist Church.

We also spent some time looking through the records available for East Gwillimbury for Link entries (my husband is missing one of his 2x great grandmothers married to John Link who was known to have been at East Gwillimbury and possibly married there. No luck in that regard as no records available. Our next look will be at Kingston, Ontario Diocese Archives. Marriages had to be performed by an Anglican priest in the early days unless one lived outside of the stated distance from an Anglican priest.

My husband presented all of his new Schulz family information at the Family Reunion. It ended up being quite a bit of material although he still has a number of records to sort through and see if they offer any more clues to this family. The Warlin Parish Registers are ordered and may help with the Niemann family. The next one to order would appear to be for Teschendorf.

Tomorrow I wanted to work on my email as I am behind in writing replies to people. I also will spend time doing last minute updates to my lecture. It will be my last lecture fortunately. I just have too much else that I would like to work at and there are lots of people to speak on DNA now so I can slip back into anonymity. I am looking forward to just working away on my own material and helping people in my family circle since their details are an assist to me as well.

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