Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Wednesday I baked the topper cake for the Bride's wedding cake. It is going to be a pound cake made with 125 ml of liqueur along with the 500+ gm of butter, 5 eggs etc. It is a tube pound cake and I will cut off the height that they want for the cake and then the topper goes on that. It will be wrapped with fondant and then trimmed simply with a row of tubed icing around the bottom and the top. The top will have several rows and then room for the topper to sit. Still trying to decide how much trim on the sides. If it looks lovely just like that then no additions but I could make white roses and do a thin strip top to bottom (perhaps as many as 5 strips) with white fondant roses on the strip. That is the main baking for today as I have the cakes already baked and frozen for the Rehearsal Dinner. I had suggested a restaurant but I must admit holding it in the house was much nicer.

The menu

Wine, cheese, crackers, beer, humus, raw vegetables, pickles, olives, punch

Lasagna, baked beans, ham (cubed), scalloped potatoes, turkey meatballs in garlic sauce, pasta salad, cabbage salad, caesar salad

Thin pieces of pound cake, orange chiffon cake and chocolate pound cake with fruit tray and ice cream

Tea and coffee

Most of that preparation was for Thursday with our son in law to be's mother, her husband and us taking on the responsibility for the food.

Also on Thursday I baked the eight dozen cupcakes (half white and half chocolate) and then iced them on Friday. I already made the fondant roses for the cupcakes Tuesday.

The marvels of the modern age saw us talking to our oldest daughter whilst she waited at the airport in Milwaukee for her flight home at 7:10 p.m. last night. By 9:00 p.m. she was in Toronto and then departed there at 10:30 p.m. and arrived here at 11:32 p.m. Amazing considering it took us 1.5 days to drive there! Now the busy time begins as our tree now up is quite bare and begging to be decorated for Christmas. The rest of the house is looking like Christmas but the tree (usually decorated Advent I) is looking quite beautiful in its greeness (we spent about half of an hour straightening out the branches as it is artificial but looks quite real).

The snow is building up as we have had a little snow each evening after the big snowfall. It is clinging to the branches as it has stayed quite cool and looks like the picture postcards one sees of Canada. It is going to be cold today, -26 celsius early in the morning rising to -14 celsius in the day.

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