Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Catching up - genealogy to come

Now we are into catchup time as I have quite a bit to do before I can get back to genealogy. For one thing I want to start planning my days to include sewing/knitting/other needlework/reading besides my computer work on genealogy. I do not want to work more than 3-4 hours a day on the computer doing transcription. The work that I do on genealogy will now be entirely transcriptions as I link my generations back. Proving back to 3x great grandparents on all lines was quite straightforward for the most part. I only needed deep research on a few but now that I am back on the four x great grandparents the proofing of these individuals will require quite a bit more work for each person since I will be finding the marriages for their parents to go with the proof. I hope to get through all of the 4x great grandparents before we make our next trip to Salt Lake City later next year.

Unfortunately I had to take my glasses back today as the left lens popped out. That used to happen when I was a young child because of the weight of the lens but haven't experienced that as an adult. The lens is stronger though and consequently larger. I do hope they can solve the problem quickly. They didn't have my large oval frames anymore so had to go for a smaller frame. Fingers crossed that they can quickly resolve that problem. Fortunately I still have my old glasses to use until they are fixed. My old reading glasses still work for me as well (good to have backups!).

I must admit I worry about my daughter in Milwaukee as she is so far from home and family. Her place there is very nice although principally a student residence they do have a number of faculty people there who have come from away. Her new friend there (a faculty member from Scotland) has her mother living with her so really has a life of her own separate from the university. That is really the problem of being an academic in a different place - not having family about to help you when you need anything. It will be exciting to have her home for Christmas and New Years although she will be doing her own research but we have a study room all set up for her with a good desktop computer that can do everything that she wants it to do. Plus it is quiet here for her to work. In between work times she and her Dad can go out skiing and snowshoeing every day (once the snow comes!) and there is always good walking here too. During the summer she can also work here and even teach online courses as she did last summer. She is thinking of doing that for Milwaukee and it would give her an interesting sideline whilst she does her research and has a break from the academic lifestyle. The walking in Milwaukee is also very very good and we had several walks along the lake side where there is almost all parkland in her area. Next time we must visit some of the facilities although we did go to the Milwaukee Museum and looked at the Library which is a beautiful structure. We also went to the Jeanne d'Arc Chapel on the Marquette Campus (from the Rhone Valley in France 1400s) as well as an art museum there. We walked about the Milwaukee Campus in Milwaukee and at Madison where we traveled on one of the days. The Madison Campus is beautiful and spread along one side of one of the lakes there. Initially I thought it so much bigger but the Milwaukee Campus is a city campus without parkland and quite large as well.

Now I must think about the best time to work on the computer. I think perhaps in the morning until noon. Then in the afternoon I can sew or do needlework while we watch movies on TV. We have over 1000 VHS movies purchased during my working days and probably 200 to 300 DVDs that we have also purchased since they came out. We have now managed to put 350 of our VHS titles into Library Thing and we want to finish that project and enter in all the music tapes/other tapes as well. Then we can start on the books upstairs - a rather large project as we have hundreds and hundreds of them. Once completed we will be able to sort them about and add notations to items to assist in manipulating them at some point later. I think that 3 or 4 hours per day on genealogy will be enough. Now that I am no longer speaking on DNA I do not feel the need to stay so current with everything and can be more selective in the articles which I read - those which pertain to my lines. I had an email the other day from another individual descended from an I2a2 line. Our closest matches are in the Balkans but our history would appear to belie that with a long association with southern England back into the 1200s. Possibly they could be descendants of the Romans but Ken Nordvedt has postulated that they are probably early Britons arriving there shortly after the retreat of the glaciers when there was still a land bridge with Europe (about 8000 years ago and it would be certainly very interesting to prove that!). Finding more matches with English descendants would be handy at this point and I have the one that comes closest thus far. Perhaps I will hear from him one of these days :)

The afternoons I will sew on my new sewing machine. I bought a lovely piece of flannelette to make a nightdress for myself and I have a large bin of material that I bought over 15 years ago and I haven't touched it in that time frame. I also want to buy a piece of tartan to make a long kilt for dress wear at the genealogy events we attend. I will smock a blouse to go with it and try to figure out the costume that my Routledge's would have worn in the 1600s or 1700s. They were a Highlander family that came south to Cumberland by the 1400s. Not sure why they left the Highlands but my cousin Thomas Routledge is busy searching that one out and I will leave him with it. I am still sorting out my 6, 7 or 8 lines of Routledge in the 1700s! Mine emigrated to Canada in 1818 arriving in London Township by late Fall at least and possibly summer since I know they were still in Bewcastle paying taxes in January 1818. I decided to choose that family to remember with a costume because they are my first Canadian ancestors.

The good news is that it is starting to snow. Once started here we usually just continue accumulating. I told my daughter that her wish for snow should be somewhat tempered as she doesn't want enormous ugly brown snow hills for her wedding. It looks like a picture postcard here a lot of the winter with the lovely white snow covering everything but it is dreadfully cold. A bone chilling cold that lasts well into the end of March. The summer is so short here really with very little spring but usually a long fall before the snow comes once again. Our front yard is dug up by the city works crew as they are working on the street lights. Hopefully they will finish before winter but I have my suspicion that we will be looking at that snow fence gradually filled in by the snow as it climbs higher and higher! Time will tell on that but the ground is fast freezing thus making their work quite difficult. Hopefully the pipes wont freeze but they are electrical so perhaps not a problem, however the open ground exposes our water pipe to more cold than it would usually enjoy so that is a concern as well.

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