Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ice Storm and shopping

Christmas is still in the air here with many shoppers at the stores in spite of the ice storm that poured down on us. We are still helping to keep the economy going replacing our blender and buying another magic bullet as we gave ours to our youngest daughter and husband when they left us last year. We bought some new pyrex storage containers to replace glass ones from 44 years ago. My grandmother gave them to us for our wedding and I have nursed them along all these years but it is time to replace them. Our entire economy is based on the idea of renewal and it is healthy to renew dishes anyway. We have gone through at least five sets of everyday dishes (mostly Corelle). Although they have a 20 year guarantee I like to replace them every five years or so because they get small scratches in them. Usually we give them away to the Canadian Diabetes Association. Works for them and works for us. I do like a change in the dishes I eat off of every once in a while!

No new clothes yesterday - we did all that before Christmas. Our new Christmas tablecloth looked great but it is off now and the plain table is back with place mats. I have quite a few so can just wash them up every other day. We need to try to stay well in Canada and keep the health care costs down as much as possible. There will always be high costs but if one can minimize them then that works for everyone.

The windows are all streaked with ice and the white snow has a thick crust of ice on it. Our tree out front is very large now and laden with ice. One hopes that the wind will be still and not send those enormous branches thrashing about. We want to get it trimmed but still did not get that done. Hopefully it will be our only bad ice storm this winter.

Our daughter will soon be back at her studies again. She had an evening out with our youngest daughter last night. Just around midnight their power failed which could be serious in the cold night with the two dogs and the bunny especially. It is hard to keep a bunny warm. The dogs at least will stay under a blanket. But the power was back on by 3:30 a.m. at least when I woke up it was on. Hopefully their house did not get too cold.

Soon back to genealogy and I think I will spend some time on the French Canadian genealogy just to pull out all the data for our son-in-law's ancestors. It is amazing doing their genealogy since the Drouin Records are all online. Plus one of his great uncles and an aunt have the family tree up on line. I also found another line of his father's family online (the mother of his grandmother). That is helpful as well. But a lot of the names have not yet been worked on. There were an amazing number of French emigrants to Quebec (and other parts of North America) in the 1600s. I have yet to find a duplicate family name in our son-in-law's entire tree.

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