Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Eyeglasses

My eyeglasses are repaired and I am wearing them once again. They are strengthened in one eye so that I noticed the difference going back to my old glasses and they gave me eyestrain. Glad to have the new ones back again.

We were out and bought the butter, icing sugar, eggs, etc. to start baking cakes for the wedding. The first cakes will be for the rehearsal and I will freeze them so that they are nice and fresh for the evening. The big job will be making 120 cupcakes and icing them just one day before the wedding but it can be done I am sure. The pound cake I can make a couple of days ahead as it will be made with a liqueur and will only be enhanced by standing a bit before it is iced and then frozen for the first anniversary.

I spent part of the day recording VHS tapes in Library Thing and I am now up to 600. We have quite a collection - mostly the common ones but a few good historical ones that we have found. I purchased them when I was working with the thought that I would watch one or two movies a day when I retired. As it turned out I discovered genealogy (and DNA family studies) which quite distracted me from that original intention. However, every tape has been played at some point and we are going to start to watch one per day and not spend so much time on our computers.

Other than that we need to start getting ready for Christmas. Our lights are delayed going out as we were away for a couple of weeks when we would have usually put them up. I need to put up the Creche and soon the Christmas Tree. We are not away again now for quite a long time. I am tired of traveling I must admit and would like to not do any for quite a while. It is interesting seeing new places but it is also exhausting and I would let to settle down into a rut for a while!

We need to get back to our dancing as well so that we are all practised up for the wedding. Plus we quite enjoyed the dancing and it is good exercise in the winter months especially. We are thinking of signing up again in the winter term for lessons.

I still need to hem my dress. No genealogy again and it will be a while before I get back to doing genealogy.

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