Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wedding Day

Up at 7:00 a.m. and it is a cold crispy day here (-18 degrees celsius). Everything is prepared as of last evening which the three of us spent icing cakes. The fondant rolled on beautifully and I did not trim the sides, just top and bottom. The topper has to go on the cake and our daughter will do that when the cakes get to the caterer. The cupcakes look quite elegant. No superfluous icing, just a rosette topped with one of the fondant roses in the bride's colours for her attendants. I didn't go to the dark blue but the blue is definitely there!

The surprise cake is the Groom's Cake and it is a large golf ball shape as he is a keen golfer. We put a W on the ball for Wilson balls. They will cut the Groom's cake and that should be fun to watch them doing that. It is two cakes, one in a half hemispheric shape and then the second one just a layer cake. They are built with fondant between them and then fondant used to give the rounded top a more distinctive look. Then completely overlaid with a circle of fondant that had been imprinted to look like a golf ball. It turned out quite well and we had prepared a board with green felt (covered with saran wrap) and the golf ball rested on that. Added one strip of icing around the bottom and the W. It looks very like a golf ball and will be a surprise to the Groom as no mention has been made of this cake at all.

Writing this in the morning and I will add the wedding details in the evening as our bed and breakfast has internet. Still have to put the cupcakes into the Ikea boxes (they have lovely big ones and the topper cake and golf ball are in their smaller storage boxes). We bought the large Ikea boxes for the cupcakes. I am not sure how many boxes we will need. I will separate the rows with a row of waxed paper. We have two large boxes put together and will need either one more large box or one of the smaller boxes.

The only big item for this morning is to pick up the flowers. At -18 celsius this will be a challenge to keep them from freezing. We will warm up the van and then pick them up and deliver them to the Best Man's (Groom's brother) home and our daughter and her future husband's home. The bride and her attendant had a lovely evening together last night. We will pick up the two dogs (one from the best man's home and one from the couple's home) and that will be our job to take them to the wedding just for pictures and then they go to the Groom's mother's home and are crated for the rest of the evening. They are probably a trifled confused by all the activity but it will soon be back to normal for them. Well they are having pictures we will go to the Bed and Breakfast and get dressed for the wedding. I am happy with my new dress (although I also liked the grey dress). I just feel like I should be wearing the wheat dress with red leave trim in the material. It is a fall dress and we are just coming to the end of Fall. The grey is lovely but feels like deep winter and our winter really doesn't start until December 21!

The sky is promising a beautiful sunny day which looks deceptive when you look out the window except for the bare trees which are the giveaway to the cold weather. Hopefully it will warm up to the promised - 10 degrees celsius but our daughter can put on my new coat to go out for a couple of pictures on a small island in the pond. There is a bridge to the island and I am sure it will be beautiful pictures.

The rest of the wedding day..... tomorrow. Too sleepy tonight. A beautiful day though and our daughter a beautiful bride.

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