Friday, February 5, 2010


I had managed to accumulate nearly 400 emails in my inbox due to the busyness of the Wedding, Christmas and then January itself proved to be incredibly busy with our daughter doing her research time here and loose ends to tie up after the wedding. February has entered into my life with a feeling of freedom although we are spending some time with the dogs just to help out during the winter. It is harder in the winter to handle dogs I have decided. They are enjoying running in our back yard though.

I have now acquired about 80 emails with accurate map readings for parish churches in Hampshire to put into Genuki. That is a project that I need to accomplish plus making corrections to my existing data (I need to convert the pages differently to display the parish register data that I have received). I suspect this task will take me a couple of days and I am beginning to wonder if I am the best person to do the Hampshire Genuki webpages. I will add a note to the pages looking for a volunteer to assist me and eventually take over from me. Although enthusiastic initially, the task has overwhelmed me and it really does need to have a person local to Hampshire I think to run it effectively. Part of the cause is my life activities. I was not very busy in terms of nonworking hours when I took it on a few years ago but since then my life activities have increased probably 50 fold (and I was ill last year) and finding free time has become more and more of a problem. I am gradually withdrawing from many of my commitments as it becomes possible.

A few new additions to my ancestry trees and I sent a correction off to a member that has given me access to correct the parents of Margaret Routledge married to Thomas Carling (their son was Sir John Carling, Minister of Agriculture, etc in Canada in the 1800s). Margaret was a sister to my Mary Routledge married to Robert Gray. I continue to hunt out Routledge information and have managed to take Grace (one of my four great grandparents in this line) back another generation with a will and her parents were Thomas Routledge of Hill, Bewcastle and Mary Routledge of Kirkbeckstown. A little digging will probably give me their parents as well but time hasn't presented itself for me to do that.

I promised myself another dusting day so will soon quit my computer for that task but first my 20 minute workout. I wonder sometimes how long I can do my daily 20 minutes of aerobics. I have been doing this particular group of exercises since my brother had his heart attack in 1982/83 which is really a long time now when I look back. I suspect that I shall be able to continue doing them for another ten years anyway and perhaps longer.

The image out the window of the snow covering is quite beautiful in the sun. It is a fairly warm February for us here (only minus 10 degrees celsius). Really it has been a gentle winter thus far. But our heavy snows tend to come in March when the weather is warmer. Cold winter days do not necessarily create a deep snowfall - just a permanent one until the warmer days of April start melting it!

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