Friday, February 12, 2010

Tremblay family and others

This week has flown by. Monday we needed to work on a talk that my husband is giving in a couple of months on Loyalists. The whole day disappeared quickly. Tuesday was equally busy as I decided to go to LAC once again to work on our son in law's ancestors.

I wanted to look up several well known lines and they proved to have a fair number of published books. The Tremblay family, the Grégoire family, the Séguin dit Ladéroute family, the Potvin family and about ten others that I wanted to look at.

The Tremblay family has many many publications including a four volume set of marriages organized in a very definitive way which made my search back a good deal easier. Rosalie Trembly was born circa 1885 at Grenville Québec. I am still hunting out her baptism. but the marriage registration with Homère Grégoire gives her parents as Adolphus Tremblay and Lucie Labelle. I managed to find their marriage 4 Aug 1879 at Notre Dame de Sept Doleurs, Grenville Paroisse. The parents of the couple were recorded.

Parents of Adolphus Tremblay were Lucien Tremblay and Marie Bernard ditte Blondin.

Parents of Lucie Labelle were François Labelle and Marcelling Lacroix.

I finally found the baptism for Joseph Delphis Trembly 13 October 1860 at Papineauville. This was an excellent find and I would like to find his burial.

Looking at Lucien Trembly and Marie Bernard ditte Blondin I finaly found their marriage 12 Feb 1833 at Montebello. The parents of this couple were recorded.

Parents of Lucien Tremblay were Michel Tremblay and Ursule Gagnon.

Parents of Marie Bernard ditte Blondin were François Bernard dit Blondin and Charlotte Colin. For this couple I am at a very solid brick wall. I noticed a number of other researchers are equally confused. No further details on this couple at the moment

However, The marriage of Michel Tremblay and Ursule Gagnon was readily found 4 Jun 1793 at Baie St-Paul. This is the New France home for the Tremblay family so I have been really lucky. Lucien was baptized 22 Oct 1809 at Baie St-Paul.

The parents of Michel Michel Tremblay were Louis-Marie Tremblay and Marie-Anne Victoire Girard.

The parents of Ursule Gagnon were Joseph Gagnon and Marie-Luce Simard.

Michel Tremblay was baptized 28 Jun 1772 at Baie St-Paul and Ursule Gagnon was baptized 12 Nov 1775 at Baie St-Paul.

I continued working back on the Tremblay family. Louis-Marie Tremblay and Marie-Anne Victoire Girard were married 12 Jan 1757 at Baie St-Paul.

The parents of Louis-Marie Tremblay were Nicolas Tremblay and Louise Simard.

The parents of Marie-Anne Victoire Girard were Pierre Girard and Marie-Anne Vezinat.

I found the baptism for Nicolas Tremblay 23 Jan 1699 at Baie St-Paul and his burial 1516 Aug 1748 at Les Eboulements.

The marriage of Nicolas Tremblay and Louise Simard was 18 Jan 1724 at Baie St-Paul. Their parents were also recorded.

The parents of Nicolas Tremblay were Pierre Tremblay and Marie Roussin.

The parents of Louise Simard were Etienne Simard and Rosalie Bouchard.

As it turned out putting the tree together (more on this later), this family has three Tremblay lines from the marriage of Pierre Tremblay and Marie Roussin 15 Nov 1685 at L'Ange Gardien. They include Nicolas Etienne and Marie-Madeleine Tremblay. A fourth child Rosalie Tremblay married Pierre Girard who was also an ancestor (second wife and he; Rosalie was his first and she died at 24 years of age).

The marriage of Pierre Tremblay and Marie Roussin also recorded the parents names.

The parents of Pierre Tremblay were Pierre Tremblay and Ozanne Achon and they married Oct 1657 at Notre-Dame, Québec.

The parents of Ozanne Achon were Jean Achon and Hélèene Regourde who married in France.

Their son Pierre Tremblay was born 2 Aug 1660 at Québec.

The parents of Pierre Tremblay (married to Ozanne Achon) were Philibert Tremblay and Jeanne Coignet (they were married in France).

A very useful day at the Archives but it was taken me two days and on into today to pull all the marriages from the Registers and record them in my Legacy file.

Tomorrow I shall clean. The time passes much too quickly.


DigginTheDirt said...

Hello, I too have been researching this family. In your blog you state the parents of Marie Bernard are Francois Bernard dit Blondin and Charlotte Colin. Have another look, the marriage record clearly states Maries parents as Francois Bernard dit LeFrancois and Charlotte Colin. I too have hit a brick wall with this couple

Elizabeth Kipp said...

I did mention that in:

that the father of Marie was Francois Bernard dit LeFrancois.

I shall be revisiting this discussion in the Fall. I did go to LAC and look up all the family books for Tremblay as well. But definitely this is a brick wall.