Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dog Sitting Day Eight and finished

Our daughter and son in law arrived back from their honeymoon in the warm sun of the Caribbean and two very excited and happy dogs greeted them. They had really missed them and especially the Sheltie on the last evening. He was very mournful but full of glee twelve hours later when they arrived.

In the morning we were short for time so I elected to let the Sheltie run in the yard - whoosh it was muddy but he cleaned up nicely! The older dog and my husband went for a walk around the block. We were out for the afternoon at the Opera - Carmen. Excellent opera and we quite enjoyed it. Initially we were not sure which of us would arrive first as the plane was due to touch down mid-afternoon. However, we ended up being first and we were greeted by two very enthusiastic dogs who always love it when you come home! The much better surprise awaited them though just a short while later as their "parents" arrived. The older dog was jumping in the air like a young puppy he was so happy and the younger one was ecstatic leaping up into first one and then the other's arms. It took them about fifteen minutes to settle down once again and let us eat dinner. Then back home to see the third furry creature - the bunny. He too had really missed everyone and cuddled into both of his parents contentedly. We helped to move all the dog's things back and then left them all to sort out everything.

We returned home to our now quiet house and finished picking up everything. We had actually done some cleaning in the morning removing the traces of backyard from our back hall and cleaning the steps to the basement where I had washed the sheltie after his mud bath! Lots of hair all over and we have cleaned the upstairs. We will do the main floor and basement next. Our place looks empty now without all of their beds and toys. They were quite good. Probably we wouldn't do eight days again but it was for their honeymoon. We were tired but not exhausted. They occupied our entire day though for the eight days.

Now back to genealogy and other items that I want to work on including knitting the baby blanket (almost half finished) and finishing sewing my night dress. Then onto the finger puppets as I have purchased ten balls of Paton Satin to make them. I have patterns for four different ones and will try to create a few more.

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