Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hampshire Genuki Webpages

I have been managing the Hampshire Genuki Webpages for about five years and the first four went quite well as I worked away at them. However this past year with first my illness, then moving our newly graduated Ph.D. daughter and marrying our youngest daughter took their toll on my activities. Plus I was starting to get in over my head with the html coding. I simply could not get some of my pages to work properly. A new volunteer has taken over the Church database which will take a good deal of the work out of my hands. I shall endeavour to maintain the pages until someone comes forward to take them on. But my mailbox is now almost empty as it was filling up with the exact locations on Churches and other information and I simply could not keep up with everything. Plus I had committed to doing our new son-in-law's family tree for the wedding and that proved to be a very rewarding and interesting task.

As I mentioned earlier I produced an *.pdf file of his family thus far and it is over 400 pages. My own on which I have worked for seven years now is less than 200 pages! My husband's book though is two separate lines for his parents and easily 1000 pages as he has acquired so much information in his years of researching.

I will continue working on proving his paternal grandmother's lines back to the 3x great grandparents and then I want to extract the proofs for his mother's parental lines although already proven by his aunt (I am extracting the relevant documents from ancestry to add to the Legacy file).

A good day for me as I cleared out my mailbox which has been steadily accumulating since last June when I did my last successful updating of the Church database for Hampshire. I still have a number of items for my OPC work to clear away and for my DNA study groups. But the help with Hampshire will make these pages so much more useful for people although I often get comments from people thanking me for what is there already which is great. I can not take the credit though as the pages are automatically generated from the Parish database which I did revise in order that the automatic generation could be done.

I am finding though that copyright rules prevent my adding to the pages as I had originally thought that I would. As they stand now they provide a tremendous amount of information for the researcher in terms of locations, parishes nearby, etc.

Today I shall sew.

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