Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bénoit dit Vaillancourt and Vaillancour families

I discovered that I had two rather interesting coincidental same names. Josette Bénoit dite Vaillancourt married Louis Piché 3 Sep 1839 at Ste Scholastique and Marie Josephte Bénoit dite Vaillancourt married Joseph Louis Matte 5 Feb 1839 at St Jerome. They are both born around 1820.

Parents for Marie Josephte were Joseph Bénoit dit Vaillancourt and Josephte Chauret (Chaurette) who themselves were married 25 Nov 1811 at St Eustache with parents Barthélemy Vaillancour and Marie Louise Labelle/Charles Chauret and Marguerite Roy.

Parents for Josette were Alexis Bénoit dit Vaillancourt and Charlotte Beauchamp who themselves were married 26 Jun 1815 at St Eustache with parents Alexis Vaillancour/Agathe Langlois dite Traversis and Joseph Beauchamp/Marie Euphrosine Villeneuve.

Alexis Vaillancour is the son of Barthélemy Vaillancour and his first wife Marie Madeleine Bouchard.

Working through the marriages of the parents/grandparents etc of Josette Bénoit dite Vaillancourt solved the mystery of the other Marie Josephte Bénoit dite Vaillancourt married to Joseph Louis Matte which had become my new brick wall once the wall collapsed for the parents of Joseph Louis Matte.

Tanguay refers to these families (Bénoit and Vaillancour) as two separate lines. It would appear that the priest added Bénoit to the Vaillancour line in the 1800s with the resultant surname Bénoit dit Vaillancourt. This tree also has the Bénoit line including Bénoit dit Livernois.

Must return now to my own family lines for a bit. I still have a number of items to solve and will try to prove four members a day across the 3x great grandparents for this tree. The generated book for this family is now up to 603 pages as I have inserted some of the documents. Eventually I will insert all the census that I am now using for proof and other interesting documents found online. Probably I will have to produce four files to keep the size of the electronic file under 2000 pages for each or perhaps I will have to go to the great grandparents producing eight files and then one linking file.

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