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Louis Matte and Josette Benoit families

Another one of my brick walls may have actually fallen with a review of the Prescott Russell County Marriage Book. I would still like to see the original records but the marriage of Léon Matte and Marie Louise Gagnon 15 Oct 1865 in Prescott County lists parents of Léon as Louis Matte and Josette Benoit and Louise as Olivier Gagnon and Lorette Doutre.

Marriage of Olivier Gagnon and Josephte Doutre I did find in the published transcription of Saint Luc at Curran (Prescott County) as 26 Jun 1844 and that has let me trace these lines back.

The marriage of Louis Matte and Josette de la Tour as she is named in the census of 1861 I had not yet located. I also found two other marriages in Prescott County in the same time interval. Louis Matte (parents Louis and Josette Benoit) married to Angélique Monette 26 Nov 1865 and François Benoit(son of André and Marie Reine Decaire) married to P Clement 25 Sep 1866 also at Prescott County.

A quick search of Tanguay did not reveal any connection (not far enough back). I searched Drouin online and found a marriage for Louis Matte and Marie Josephte Benoit dit Vaillancourt 5 Feb 1839. Parents were listed for Louis Matte and Marie Josephte. The marriage was at St Jerome. The birth of Louis Matte (son of this couple) is listed as Ste Scholastique and the birth of Léon Matte is listed as Vaudreuil. An interesting path through these villages does lead one towards Prescott County. The census of 1861 at St André lists Louis Matt and his wife Josepte De Latour with children Louis (b 1840), Nazare (b 1841), Léon (b 1844), Joseph (b 1845), Célina (b 1848), Sarrah Ann (b 1850), Noa (b 1852), Arsinne (b 1855), Julia (b 1857), and Marceline (b 1860). Noé's marriage in 1877 lists his place of birth as Carillon, Québec and his age of 26 years fits with the census (parents Louis and Josephte Matte). Marceline Matte married in 1879 and her age of 19 years fits with parents Louis Matte and Josephine Benoit (parents listed on marriage registration).

The parents of Louis Matte and Marie Josephte Benoit dit Vaillancourt married 5 Feb 1839 at St Jerome were listed as mentioned above. This couple fit well into the description of the family on the 1861 census at St André and the resulting marriages that then occur in Prescott County for their children.

Parents of Louis Matte were Augustin Matte and Angélique Daragon. They married 11 Jan 1808 at St Eustache (Augustin Mathes and Marie Judith Daragon). Their parents were listed in the marriage lines.

Parents of Josephte Benoit dit Vaillancourt were Joseph Benoit dit Vaillancourt and Josephte Charette. Still looking for their marriage.

Parents of Augustin Matte were Pierre Mathes and Marie Anne Maisonneuve. They were married 5 Jan 1773 at St Francois de Sales.

Parents of Marie Judith Daragon were Louis Darragon and Marie Jeanne Lauzon. They were married 8 Feb 1779 at Ste Genevieve (Pierrefonds).

I will post these two lines back later but they are readily found in Tanguay when the last marriage registrations are transcribed.

I appear to now be brickwalled at Joseph Benoit dit Vailancourt and Josephte Charette.

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