Saturday, April 3, 2010


My husband gave me his disc La Collection Tanguay a while ago but I hadn't really done anything with it yet. On Thursday past I decided to work through the index beginning with A and look up each name in Tanguay that pertained to French Canadian research. It was an excellent idea on my part and I have managed to work my way through the As and the Bs sorting out families and pulling yet more records from the registers. I think that Tanguay is considered to be one of the definitive sources for French Canadian research but I have found a few discrepancies where the Parish Registers give a different parent. I have gone with the parish registers since he used them as well. With all the similar names it would not be surprising to have a discrepancy. But on the whole I have been able to sort out many hanging lines where I can not find the marriage to locate names of a parent for the wife. I have been marking any that I can not work through with a tag of 9 in legacy so that I can easily collect them up and look again at a later date. Many of the lines will need to be looked up in French Parish Registers and I may not take this project that far but rather leave it for our son in law and daughter to do one day or one of their families. It would be a real inducement to spend some time in France. Since they speak French as their maternal tongue it would be easier for them as well although my reading of French has always been quite good. It is my spoken French that leaves a lot to be desired.

I might start to make note of areas where I have found a discrepancy but will have to begin with the Cs as I did not make particular note of any discrepancies as I worked my way through. I only found a couple in actual fact.

I also need to get back to my transcriptions of Andover and Timberscombe. They are starting to call to me to return.

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