Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back again

Amazing that it is more than a month now since I wrote to my Blog. It has been a busy time in that I thought I sprained my knee a couple of weeks ago. Went off to the Doctor last week and he felt it might be arthritis and I duly went and had my knee xrayed. Just waiting to hear back on that. It is steadily improving from my hardly being able to stand on it. That is novel for me since I do a lot of exercise including aerobic running. I have given up the running now and will use the elliptical machine that we have. I had been thinking of using it for a while anyway. I will miss the running though as I have run since I was a child.

In terms of genealogy it has been a slow time as I have been busy working on other items. My husband gave a talk so I helped him write the script and prepare the slides. Then I had some sewing that I wanted to do.

I have been faithfully waiting for my Family Finder results and they came in today. My reason for doing the test was my mtDNA line. I am basically stuck at my great grandmother Ellen Taylor although by family lore she appears to fit into the Thomas Taylor/Ellen Roberts family with Thomas and Ellen marrying 29 Jun 1857 at Saint Martin's Church in Birmingham, Warwick, UK. They had seven children with the first five born in Birmingham, the sixth born in Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire and then the seventh in Birmingham, Warwick. By the 1881 census they have moved to Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire. They are missing the oldest four children Thomas, Ellen, Eliza and Frank. Frank died in 1875 at Birmingham which gives a time period of 1875 to 1881 for their move to Ashton. Ellen had an illegitimate child at Birmingham in 1879 and was in the Workhouse at Acton in 1881. She later married and Edwin Denner Buller/Ellen Taylor were my great grandparents. I have not been able to trace down any of the siblings and was hoping that I might be lucky to find them on Family Finder as their descendants would be my third cousins. This Thomas Taylor was a shoemaker which fitted the family lore.

My results only had fifth cousins or greater and I wrote to one of the matches as they had the COBB surname which is one of mine. I may wait now and see if any of the matches writes to me that I had more in common with and shall do some research on what constitutes an interesting match at this level.

I can trace back in this Taylor family and this Thomas is the son of Samuel Taylor and Ann Lewis Harborne and they married 3 Aug 1829 at Saint Phillips Birmingham. They too had a large family Ellen, Thomas, Eliza, Ann, Samuel, Edwin, Jane, Emma, and Jane (two Janes is interesting but it holds out in the census). These families are all Shoemakers including Ann Lewis Harborne's father John Harborne married to Mary Lewis (wedding not yet found) and John was the son of William Harborne and Sarah Hale and Mary the daughter of John Lewis. Both of these men were shoemakers in Birmingham. William Harborne married Sarah Hale 3 Sep 1785 at Saint Phillips, Birmingham. William's father was Thomas Auburne and his mother Elisabeth Birch and they married 27 Jan 1750 at Saint Phillips Birmingham. I haven't pursued this interesting line yet as I am waiting for confirmation on this being the correct line.

The Roberts line is also interesting with Ellen's father being Thomas baptized 27 Nov 1814 at Sheldon Warwick and born at Bickenhill Warwick. His wife was Ellen Lawley and she was born c 1819 at Wellington Shropshire. They married 29 Nov 1840 at Saint Martin Birmingham. Ellen Roberts was only 15 years old when she married Thomas Taylor. Her mother Ellen Lawley had died in 1855 and her father remarried shortly after Ellen's marriage where one of the witnesses was her future mother in law. Thomas Roberts and Ellen Lawley had four children: Ellen, Thomas, James and Joseph. I have traced down Joseph and I believe that James was in the Navy. Thomas proved to be too common a name to accurately trace him down. Ellen Lawley's father was Joseph and I have not pursued this line any further yet. Thomas Roberts parents were Thomas Roberts and Maria Croxall and they married 2 Apr 1810 at Sheldon Warwick. They had four children: Mary, James, Thomas and Maria. I have only traced Thomas down. Thomas's parents were John Roberts and Hannah Asbury and they married 26 Dec 1774 at Bickenhill Warwick. This is as far back as I have traced this family. They had three children: Mary who died at 16 years of age, Sarah and Thomas.

I have also been working on our son in law's French Canadian ancestry and I am slowly working the lines back. I am pulling the marriages as I go back but I will need to then pull burials and baptisms. It is a long process but going ahead very nicely. I have a few lines that I need to do deeper research on in order to find them but for the most part I am able to go back generation after generation all the way to France. In a way it toughens you for your other research as you become more exacting on what you will accept for linking families back. A good training process for me and it will help with my own research.


drummerjoe said...

I am researching my family heritage, and I have Taylor and Blake ancestor's. I'd love to see if we happen to have any common ancestors.

Elizabeth Kipp said...

My Blake ancestry is from Hampshire England and I can trace back through my father born at Eastleigh to his father born at Upper Clatford (just outside of Andover) and then three generations back at Upper Clatford. Then back to Andover for another six generations.

My Taylor ancestry is from Birmingham and they are not connected until my generation. My maternal grandmother's mother was named Taylor. However, my paternal grandmother's stepfather was William Taylor from Wiltshire.

drummerjoe said...

The Blake's in my tree come from the Reading area of England.

Thomas Blake - born circa 1760
Moses Blake - born circa 1805
Samuel Blake - born circa 1837

Do any of those names look familiar?

Elizabeth Kipp said...

Interestingly enough, I have a will of Elizabeth Blake (widow) from Andover where she mentions her son Thomas at Oxford. He was a merchant there. No proof yet but I believe that this Thomas had several sons including John (below) at Reading.

Winch, of Fifield has the marriage of Mary Winch to a John Blake of Reading (no more details).

In the Visitation 1665-6 John Blake is listed (no application). L. adjourned till Easter Tearme 1665. respite till Lady's day. vide l'ram G. Lloyd.

This is referring to the Visitation within the lists for Blake, of Reading. John blake is listed as a clothier and Burgess of Reading but the information had been submitted by another. The full word of the above is: John Blake of the Parish of St. Giles, Reading, is in the Summons List; he did not appear, and had a respite till Lady Day (1666). His name is entered in the final list but he did not enter his pedigree, and he is not in the list of Disclaimers. John Blake was Mayor of Reading in 1671 and 1683.

Being a clothier is always interesting because my Blakes were Linen Drapers at Andover.

However, this Blake line at Oxford may be descended from the brother of Richard Blake - Thomas married to unknown. Thomas' son (unknown) married Elizabeth Hinxman (authoress of will). Their son Thomas was a merchant at Oxford and his son Thomas married Elizabeth Walker Sep 1679 at St Mary Magdalene, Oxford. I have not yet checked the parish register there for baptisms but Elizabeth mentions the son of Thomas in her will in 1688.

Anyway a bit of information that could be pursued. If it does pan out I do have more information on this Blake family which following a Gilbert marriage (Elizabeth daughter of Elizabeth the will writer above) married into the Blake family several generations later. Some of it may be in my blog looking at "Charles Blake."