Monday, July 5, 2010

Blake family chart

I have heard back from the Wiltshire Record Office already and they have the chart already imaged so I have faxed in my order and have my fingers crossed that I might receive it very soon. I had an offer to image it from a Guild member but I am glad to have saved her that trouble. I have no idea what the chart will say as I have just a couple of comments that I found online and neither made much sense. There is a danger I think of interpreting it the way that you want so I shall be very strict with myself and I still need to be convinced that all the Blake families of Somerset/Devon and Hampshire descend from the Calne Wiltshire Blake family. Still need people to test their yDNA and I am hoping that more will do that. It would be nice to prove it actually.

I have a theory that a Blake daughter from Wiltshire/Somerset married into the Blake family of Wales and that they lived in Somerset. There may be a mixture of Blake lines in Somerset and the mixing would go back into the 1400s or possibly early 1500s. There are a number of Irish lines but I wonder if they could all be traced back if the differences would just be a matter of time and mutations. Again need more people to test.

I am up to 40 people now that I match at 5th cousin or greater on Family Finder and one at 4th cousin. I was contacted by one person thinking that he may have found a "Scandinavian" genetic component. That would actually suit my background although totally English my deep ancestry points to Ukraina for my mtDNA and Balkans for my paternal line. In both cases they could have come from Scandinavia to the British Isles in the Neolithic period. The second person, 4th cousin, is traveling at the moment but will contact me later. That sounds interesting since I have traced back on every line to my 4x great grandparents and further back then that on many of the lines. I have worked on many of the siblings lines as well. It will depend upon how much tracing back he has been able to do. Since I am almost totally British in the near ancestry (my mother, her father and his mother are my only Canadian born ancestors - I am 1st generation Canadian on my father's side).

More later on the chart; I shall try to present it in a meaningful way in combination with the Visitations - I have copies of every Blake Visitation as far as I can tell.

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