Tuesday, August 31, 2010

T Paper and other thoughts

Revising the T paper and it is going to be a very interesting publication. It will add greatly to an understanding of T and I am proud to be part of it.

As our daughter reaches towards the end of medical school, we are thinking of where we would live and it would be close to where ever she is in order to help her out. That way we also have a place for our eldest daughter when she comes back from teaching all winter.

Although our home is a "carriage house" it still has a lot of land and the four bedrooms seem very large with just the two of us. Since we were all working or at school the smaller livingroom/diningroom worked very well for us especially as we used the basement for the TV room. Now it would be nice to have less room in bedrooms and more "living room" area. The smaller yard would also be nice as it is a lot of work for Ed to keep it up. However, no rush on that still another year before we know where our daughter will be.

Back to the T paper and I shall finish off with my input today. I am looking forward to it being published - not for the acclaim but to make it easier to work with my T2 study. I get questions several times a week now from the people in my group (351 of them now) and I simply can not answer them with other than the paper is in the writing stage and no results will be released until it is in the publication stage. I do suggest that they join the FGS project if they have results. Although these will not be in the paper, it is always good to have these extra results to look at as we do the final tweaking of the paper.

Back from a 10.8 km bicycle ride and it is going to be warm here today. A high of 33 degrees celsius with a humidex of 40 plus. It was pleasant along the river with a slight breeze to cool you off as you rode.

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