Friday, September 17, 2010

Blake paper

I am changing direction in mid stream as of last evening. I am writing a paper on the Blake yDNA study. I was able to contact the two people for the Blake yDNA study at FT DNA since they are investigator and co-investigator and will name Barrie Blake (co-investigator) as the first author, myself as second and Bill Bleak as third. Since the data belongs to them I must sit second on the paper in all fairness. A lot of the writing up is Barrie's work. I have given myself five days to put the ten to twelve pages of double spaced text together and have two already. There will be four figures I think which will take up some of the text space.

I did a little more entry on Andover Parish Registers and I think that is the way that it will go; a little at a time. As I move forward in time the register becomes almost perfect in terms of readability and I can look forward to that. I prefer to work forwards so that the most difficult part is done first.

Our T study paper is now submitted to JOGG so just have to wait to hear back on that. It is a very good paper, David Pike did a wonderful job of writing up the results. I need to revise the T2 webpage to reflect this submission. Many of the members of my group are in the T FGS study but not all by any means - I now have 355 members in the group. Once the paper is accepted then I can get started rearranging the 355 members of my group into their respective subclades. Then we will be able to see if we have any geographic significance for any of the subclades. Even with over 400 samples it is very difficult to make strong statements about geographic origins but with 355 T2 it may happen. We shall see on that.

I promised my husband a blogging article for the Ottawa Genealogist (the journal for the OGS branch here that he publishes). That will be my first priority today to accomplish that item.

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