Monday, November 15, 2010

Andover Parish Records - 15 November 2010

I continued working on the Andover Parish Records and have reached August 1674 with 3152 burials now completed. There is an enormous gap in the burial records similar to the marriages (baptisms are fairly complete) from 1658 to 1673. It is unfortunate that they are missing and I hope they might turn up on another page somewhere.

A couple of interesting Blake burials that I didn't have before although they do not affect my direct line.

We also made it out for a long walk today which was very nice. I love to walk but we do not manage that every day.

I will continue working on the transcriptions as I would like to finish the burials this week and there are only 14 images left to do so that I rather think I can complete this section quite nicely.

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