Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flu shot and continuing transcription of the Parish Registers of Andover

We went and got our flu shots today and it was amazingly quick. No lineups when we were there. That was a first for us although I used to get mine at the hospital when I worked there and I went first thing in the morning and usually no lineups.

I am continuing with the Andover Parish Registers and have completed the marriages up to 1687 where they cease on this third Parish Register. They end mid year though so suspect I will find the rest of the year further on. There are now 1243 marriages in a one hundred year period since the registers began in 1587. There is a large chunk missing though for marriages as mentioned yesterday. I shall investigate whether the Bishops Transcripts have these missing marriages. It would be nice to have them in the transcription if they exist.

The remaining images on the fiche for the third Parish Register are burials I think. There can always be surprises but the heading is there for the Burialls beginning in 1642. This will be a long haul working my way through them just as it was for the baptisms. With the large section missing in the marriage register portion I am through this section much quicker than I thought that I would be.

I haven't heard back from the person who took on the Church Database for Hampshire Genuki webpages but I want to give him a couple of weeks to think about it and hopefully write to Phil to ask him his thoughts. I will try over the next couple of days to correct the errors that have crept in over the last year but some of them are quite beyond me. I need to write the person who donated the CMB information to see if I can pass her work to the OPC Hampshire site. That would be the easiest way to handle the information. I should have done that before but I must admit I became confused and thought I had asked her and she said no she wanted them on the Genuki. I will ask her again though and see. That would eliminate most of the errors actually.

Then I want to draft a newsletter on the Guild of One Name Studies and my taking over as the Regional Representative for the Guild in Eastern Canada. I think it will be most interesting and I am looking forward to doing it. I have put a lot of energy into Genuki in the past but the pages do not reflect my effort and I can not really add much more since I do not live there. It really needs to be someone who lives there although I didn't think so initially.

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