Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guild of One Name Studies and Transcription of Parish Registers

My time now seems to be fairly consistently involved with my Guild of one Name Studies membership and my transcription of Parish Registers. I have agreed to be the Regional Representative for Eastern Canada for the Guild of One Name Studies.

My transcription of St Marys Andover Parish Registers continues and I have reached 5600 baptisms now since the beginning of the Registers in 1588. I am up to August 1682 so almost 100 years of baptisms. The Registers are becoming somewhat easier to read and they are quite exceptional in the 1700s on so I have that aspect to look forward to. I started at the beginning of the Register instead of working backwards because I was already familiar with the surnames in this area and I really wanted the 1600s of this Register to more clearly understand my Blake family there.

At 1684 I will then start to enter the marriages and then the burials for the period 1642 to 1684. This has been a very difficult set of fiche but once done will be very handy to me and likely others. However before releasing to the OPC Hampshire webpages I need to proofread the copy which will be an enormous task in itself.

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