Sunday, November 14, 2010

Parish Registers Transcriptions continuing for Andover

Now that I have finally reached 1653 the reading is easier. 1642 to 1652 were really difficult and a lot of blanks. 1646 to 1652 are almost non-existent but then perhaps no one was buried - probably not the case but it could be that there were only a few.

I am up to 3030 burials now as of September 1656. Same time period for baptisms there were 3618 - a good healthy sign for Andover. The names were fairly consistent in the early part of the register but a lot of new names now. The handwriting right now is quite nice but I remember that as the time passed into the 1660s the handwriting was not quite so good for the baptisms and marriages. Wait and see though as this does not appear to be the same hand writing as the baptisms. Perhaps there were two priests at Andover.

We baked a pound cake today which smelled wonderful whilst it was cooking. I must bake some more. I do not want to eat too much of it but it is better to have my relatively plain cooking for my husband than rich gooey commercial desserts!

We are working on our excel file of our pictures from the Maritimes now. The European pictures are all labeled. I am looking forward to seeing them on the television set. The videos are especially good. We just have five days left to go of the Maritime trip and then everything has been labeled. Working through them like that lets you enjoy your vacation once again. Cameras are such a good idea and camcorders especially so.

No Blake surprises yet at Andover. I wonder who Hercules Blake is at Enham. I suspect he descends from Robert Blake's line but will try to work that out when I do all the will transcriptions that I have.

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