Thursday, December 2, 2010

Andover Parish Records - 2 December 2010

Back to Andover and I am deeply immersed in the burials which are now written up with the woollen affidavit. This was truly a nice happening as it started with the burials of 1678 which I could barely read and brought me forward to where I am at the present April 1682. There are 3826 burials as of 19 April 1682 (five more years and I will have 100 years of burials). There were a lot of burials in the fall of 1681 so must check for a communicable disease which might be listed somewhere.

I have a number of names that interest me in this area and I have now come across a rather interesting one - Launden at Woodhouse (a small estate just north east of Andover). I have a Lambden family at Woodhouse in the 1740s that is a strong interest of mine and I am wondering if the priest decided to spell their name differently. As I work my way through the register I may just be lucky and find my Nathanaell Lambden. Up to this point in time I have tried the Lambden family at St Mary Bourne which originated in Berkshire. It is a rather largish brick wall. Elizabeth Lambden (daughter of Nathanaell) lived to be 96 years old and on the last census in 1861 she listed her occupation as shepherd. My grandfather (born in 1875) was still hearing stories about his grandmother's mother! Living next door or with (as in my case) grandparents is an intriguing experience for a child. You just learn so much history by listening to grandparents talk especially when they have a strong interest in their own family history. My grandfather knew all of his grandparents (except his paternal grandfather who had died in 1873 (born 1797) just two years before he was born) and several great grandparents. Although he was from a large family, they did appear to go from Upper Clatford to Turnworth Dorset where his mother's family (she was born there).

I intend to immerse myself in these registers for a few days whilst I settle back into my work schedule. I have slowly withdrawn from a lot of my usual "web haunts" and I have a couple of projects that I want to do before I become deeply involved again!

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