Saturday, December 18, 2010

Andover Poor Law Rate

Images from Salt Lake City are of interest as well in this time frame for the Parish Registers (1620, 1669, 1673) and are rather interesting with regard to the Blake family.

1620 Andover Blake Mr. Peter Blake for Perwel
late Mr. William Blake 0 6 0
1620 Andover Blake Mr. Richard Blake 0 2 0
1620 Andover Blake Mr. Peter Blake 1 2 3
1669 Andover Blake Mr. Peter Blake 2 8 9
1669 Andover Blake Mr. Rob[er]te Blake 0 3 2
1669 Woodhouse Richard Clarke for Widd Blake 0 4 6
1669 Enham Regis Blake Mrs. Eliz: Blake 0 8 4
1669 Enham Regis Blake Mrs. Joane Blake Widd 0 19 6
1669 Hatherden Blake Mr. Edward Blake 0 ? 2
1673 Andover Blake Mr. Peter Blake 0 3 9
1673 Andover Blake Mr. Robert Blake 0 0 4

William Blake is suspiciously absent (Clerk, son of William and Dorothy Blake who gradually through the 1600s sold off any property that he had). William dies at Foxcott (owned by the Hinxman family and William's uncle Joseph was Lord of the Manor). His son John is not mentioned although he does appear on the Poll book in 1710. He does not have the title Mr. nor does his father when he is buried. The Manor books would probably answer some questions on this family. Was he ill? I do not find a death yet for his wife Ann Hellier Blake (father Hugh Helyer). His older son William appears to have died young. The only daughter Bridget I need to check the records to see if I actually found anything for her. When I transcribe I do not always check each individual entry as I record it because I will be going back to them!

Continuing with the Parish Register I have now completed to May 1703 in the baptisms with a total of 7504 from the beginning of the Registers. The number has silently crept up to this level as I now realize I have an enormous number of entries for some family lines - Blake of course, Hopgood, Hinxman, Allen, Watters, Hawkince (Hawkins), Long and I must make a list of the families that have been in the registers for more than one hundred years as that would be quite interesting. This is still a rather small town judging from the number of baptisms. The growth spurt is to come for Andover.

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