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Blake at Penton Mewsey

I think that reviewing one's information is always very valuable and I suppose I have looked at the baptisms of the children of William Blake and Ann Hellier hundreds of times but the notation that they were baptized at Penton has always just rolled in and out without making an impact. I checked the burial register as I mentioned earlier in the week for Bridget Blake but the burials are basically missing from 1649 to 1653. I do not find a marriage for Bridget Blake at least not at Andover.

Obviously my next set of transcriptions should be Penton Mewsey where I have the fiche:

Parish Register 1 - CMB 1647-1679
Parish Register 2 - CMB 1673-1744
Parish Register 3 - CMB 1744-1812
Parish Register 5 - M 1755-1812

I did not purchase Parish Register 4 which is Christenings 1813-1926, Parish Register 6 which is Marriages from 1813-1848, Parish Register 7 which is Marriages from 1838-1977 or Parish Register 9 which is Burials from 1813-1995.

I know my direct Blake family was at Upper Clatford from 1757 on when Joseph Blake (of Andover) married Joanna King of Upper Clatford at Upper Clatford 8 Jun 1757.

I did extract Blake entries from Penton Mewsey but I have found this to be unreliable as one can miss entries going purely on a visual rundown through a page on the fiche with 60 pages.

Service Year Month Day Birth Surname Forename Relationship Father Surname Father Forename Mother Surname Mother Forename Bride Surname Bride Forename Residence Note
Burial 1652 Aug 13 Blake Elizabeth daughter Blake John
Burial 1653 Apr 10 Blake John Gent
Baptism 1653 July 31 Blake Joseph son Blake John
Burial 1676 Dec 16 Blake Clementie wife Blake Peter
Marriage 1677 June 28 Blake Peter Noyes Anne Groom, Clatford; Bride otp
Marriage 1677 June 26 Blake Peter Godfrey Anne Groom, otp; Bride Upton
Baptism 1678 Apr 12 Blake Peter son Blake Peter Ann
Baptism 1680 May 2 Blake Ann daughter Blake Peter
Burial 1688 Mar 18 Blake John
Burial 1690 May 29 Blake Peter
Baptism 1693 Apr 20 20 Apr 1693 Blake John son Blake John Em
Burial 1693 Apr 20 Blake John son Blake John
Burial 1694 Nov 16 Blake Thomas
Baptism 1694 Jan 3 17 Dec 1694 Blake Joseph son Blake John Em
Baptism 1696 Dec 2 2 Dec 1696 Blake Sarah daughter Blake John Em
Baptism 1700 Oct 6 22 Sep 1700 Blake Ann daughter Blake John
Baptism 1704 June 22 20 Jun 1704 Blake Thomas son Blake John
Baptism 1706 Sep 6 4 Sep 1706 Blake William son Blake John
Burial 1706 Dec 1 Blake John
Baptism 1707 Mar 25 25 Mar 1707 Blake Elizabeth daughter Blake Peter
Burial 1708 Dec 22 20 Dec 1708 Blake Ann daughter Blake Peter
Burial 1709 Feb 3 1 Feb 1709 Blake Mary daughter Blake Peter
Baptism 1710 Aug 20 11 Aug 1710 Blake Sachaverell son Blake Robert
Burial 1710 Aug 24 Blake Sarah
Baptism 1711 July 5 5 Jul 1711 Blake Peter son Blake Peter
Burial 1711 Dec 19 Blake Alice widow
Burial 1712 Aug 7 Blake Peter
Baptism 1713 Mar 10 16 Feb 1713 Blake Jacob son Blake Peter
Baptism 1714 Feb 22 14 Feb 1714 Blake John son Blake Robert
Baptism 1717 Sep 24 3 Sep 1717 Blake John son Blake Peter
Baptism 1719 Apr 9 2 Mar 1718 Blake John son Blake John
Baptism 1719 Feb 21 17 Feb 1719 Blake Edward son Blake John
Burial 1720 Oct 12 Blake Joseph
Baptism 1721 Jan 24 21 Jan 1721 Blake William son Blake John
Baptism 1724 Oct 14 30 Sep 1724 Blake Thomas son Blake John
Burial 1724 Oct 19 Blake Joan wife Blake Peter
Baptism 1727 May 23 14 May 1727 Blake Benjamin son Blake John
Marriage 1728 Sep 8 Blake Thomas Carter Ann botp
Burial 1729 July 22 Blake Benjamin son Blake John
Baptism 1730 Nov 8 25 Oct 1730 Blake Benjamin son Blake John
Burial 1730 Feb Blake Benjamin son Blake John
Marriage 1730 Feb 11 Blake Joseph Holdway Mary Groom of Andover; Bride otp
Burial 1732 Sep 20 Blake Ann wife Blake Thomas
Burial 1732 Sep 22 Blake Thomas son Blake Thomas
Marriage 1733 July 3 Ventum Richard Blake Sarah Groom of East Tytherley, Bride of West Tytherley
Burial 1733 Aug 13 Blake Peter
Burial 1735 May 24 Blake Eme widow Blake John
Baptism 1744 May 14 Blake Thomas son Blake John Catherine
Marriage 1744 May 20 Blake Jacob Mosdown Mary Groom of Kimpton; Bride otp
Baptism 1744 Sep 15 Blake William son Blake Thomas Joan
Baptism 1744 Dec 15 Blake Benjamin son Blake John Catherine
Baptism 1748 Aug 21 Blake George son Blake Thomas Joan
Marriage 1748 Dec 7 Blake John Williams Mary By license
Burial 1755 July 30 Blake Joanna wife Blake John
Burial 1757 Feb 13 Blake John son Blake John John Blake Junior
Burial 1757 Aug 17 Blake John Senior
Burial 1758 Aug 17 Blake Thomas son Blake John
Marriage 1762 Feb 21 Allen Thomas Blake Ann botp both signed, witness John Blake (signed) and Martha Hunt
Burial 1782 Mar 15 Blake Joan wife Blake Thomas
Burial 1786 Jan 8 Blake Thomas
Burial 1791 May 11 Blake Catherine
Burial 1806 Nov 21 Blake John

The entries one would expect to find for William Blake and Ann Hellier's children in 1647, 1648, and 1649 do not exist as there were no entries for Blake until 1653 although I want to recheck that when I transcribe the entire set of fiche that I have.

There is also a burial for a John Blake in 1653 but no parents are listed and it would appear that the priest normally did that.

I ended up starting the next Parish Register (6) at Andover. Time just presented itself for me to do that. I may actually finish it off this week. That will put me at 1714 for CMBs. The next Parish Register 7 takes me from the middle of 1714 to 1746 for all CMBs. This is basically where I want to be and I may not then start the next Register (8) which would take me from 1748 to 1783 (not sure what happened to 1747) for all CMBs. The next Register (9) only does CBs with a separate marriage register (10) for the time period. There are four fiche for Parish Register 7 so over 230 pages to transcribe although the writing has improved considerably and I can move at a fairly rapid pace. The priests at Andover tend to be rather precise. They record the basic information (i.e. out of parish participants in a wedding) so that one can fairly safely assume that if not recorded then the participants are of the parish which can be most helpful on occasion.

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