Monday, December 27, 2010

Blake family at Penton Mewsey

The Blake family at Penton Mewsey includes the forename Sacheverall. He is the son of Robert Blake baptized the 20 Aug 1710 and born 11 Aug 1710. The forename Sacheverall occurs in the Charles Blake family at Abbotts Ann. Charles Blake was born circa 1709 and at this time his parents are unknown although many descendants of this line attach Charles to the Thomas Blake family at Andover (my ancestor). The Charles bc 1709 married Mary Prince 4 Sep 1736 at Abbotts Ann. The Prince family were land owners at Abbotts Ann and somewhat more substantial than the land held by Charles Blake. Their only son Charles baptized 24 Jun 1737 at Abbotts Ann married Jane Gilbert 11 January 1761 at Abbotts Ann (I need to verify this entry as the LDS shows Old Alresford and I do have the fiche for Abbotts Ann). Jane Gilbert actually descended from the Blake family with her 3x great grandmother being Elizabeth Blake married to John Kidgell (Elizabeth was the daughter of Blake and Elizabeth Hinxman - the unknown Blake was likely Thomas Blake but still working on that proof). One of the sons of Charles Blake and Jane Gilbert received the name Sacheverall (John, James, Robert, and Charles were the other siblings). The will of John Blake (on my webpage) mentions this family in a way that would indicate a fairly close relationship between himself and the Charles Blake/Jane Gilbert family. John was a malster at Abbotts Ann and he also mentioned my Thomas Blake (and his siblings) at Upper Clatford but not in a way that indicated such a close relationship.

My suspicion is that Charles is the son of Robert Blake (father of Sacheverall baptized at Penton Mewsey) or Charles Blake who married Jane Frampton at Andover in 1683 although the time frame doesn't work quite as well. At the moment I do not have any children for the Charles Blake/Jane Frampton marriage so the Robert Blake line seems the more logical. There is a John Blake baptized 1714 at Penton Mewsey and the son of Robert Blake. He would be 82 in 1796 when John Blake died at Abbotts Ann if they are the same individual (John lived and married at Abbotts Ann but he was not baptized there as far as I can tell thus far). In that case the Charles Blake family (married to Jane Gilbert) would have been his great nephews. The will read like the relationship was that close. The relationship with my own line is still a mystery.

Thomas (my 3x great grandfather and mentioned in the will) Blake's grandfather Thomas King had left a bequest to the daughter of John Blake Malster so that the relationship could have been on the King side of the family rather than the Blake. It is a mystery! Every time I find new information it always provides at least one mystery or more which keeps one at genealogy for hours at a time trying to sort out the new mysteries.

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