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Cheatle in Leicestershire

One of my brick walls is the family of Sarah Cheatle. I joined the Leicester Rootsweb list and sent in my information on Sarah Cheatle. Sarah married William Welch 24 August 1818 at Longdon by Lichfield Staffordshire. By the 1851, 1861, and 1871 census she was born 1795-1796 at Ashby de la Zouch. I have read the Parish Registers for Ashby de la Zouch in this time period and there are three possible Sarah Welch baptisms. Possible parents were: William and Ann, William and Sarah and Benjamin and Catherine. On the marriage registration one of the witnesses is William Cheatle.

From the Parish Register:

Benjamin son of Benjamin Cheatle 27 June 1785 baptized
6 March 1786 William Cheatle and Elizabeth Sherwin both of this parish by banns
Richard son of Benjamin and Mary Cheatle 16 April 1787
28 Apri 1788 Benjamin Cheatle and Katherine Adams both of this parish by banns
Sarah Cheatle daughter of William and Ann Cheatle baptized 30 Sep 1789
27 Sep 1790 Ann Cheatle daughter of William and Elizabeth Cheatle baptized
11 April 1790 Ann Cheatle buried
John Cheatle son of Benjamin and Catherine 19 Sep 1790 baptized
15 Jun 1790 Simeon son of George and Ann Cheatle baptized
27 Dec 1791 Joseph son of Benjamin and Catherine Cheatle baptized
12 Apr 1792 Joseph Cheatle and Elizabeth Hefford both of this parish by banns
William 8 Apr 1793 son of William and Elizabeth Cheatle baptized
James son of Benjamin and Mary Cheatle 17 June 1794 baptized
10 Nov 1793 Sarah daughter of Benjamin and Catherine Cheatle baptized
31 May 1793 Sarah Cheatle buried
7 June 1793 John Cheatle buried
24 Jun 1794 Mary daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Cheatle baptized
Children, William, Elizabeth and Frances son and daughters of William and Ann
Cheatle 9 June 1802 baptized
Sarah 27 Jan 1795 baptized daughter of William and Sarah Cheatle
Joseph Cheatle buried 1803
28 Mar 1804 Catherine daughter of William and Elizabeth Cheatle baptized
21 Sep 1804 Catharine daughter of Benjamin and Catharine Cheatle baptized
30 Dec 1804 Catherine Cheatle buried
8 Oct 1805 Elizabeth Cheatle buried
7 Feb 1807 Thomas Cheatle buried
20 Apr 1808 Ann Chettle buried
15 Mar 1808 Catharine Cheatle buried
11 Sep 1810 Benjamin Cheatle buried
28 Nov 1818 Elizabeth Cheatle buried 55 years
Mary Cheatle buried 1818 24 years

Sarah Cheatle baptized 27 January 1795 and the daughter of William and Sarah is the best fit. This family does not appear to be local to Ashby de la Zouch as Sarah is the only child that they baptize there. I am curious if this is William Cheatle and Sarah Woodcock of Castle Donnington. William CHEATLE married to Sarah WOODCOCK 23 Feb 1773 at Castle Donnington. William and Sarah CHEATLE baptized the following children at Castle Donnington (Mary 1775, John 1777, Ann 1780, Sarah 1783 and Elizabeth 1786). There was a burial for Sarah Cheatle 31 May 1793 at Ashby de la Zouch. The priest does not record in the burials section whether the individual was a child or adult; no age is given prior to 1813. The Cheatle family is small on the census. On any census 1841 to 1911 there are between 150 and 250 people with the exact name Cheatle in all of England. Their highest frequency in the world in 1998 remains in the Midlands of England as seen on the Public Profiler and in 1881 on this same website the highest frequency is in Leicester.

I have extracted some information on this family in Leicester.

Parish Year Month Day Surname Forename Will/Admon# Information
Thornton 1642 Apr 9 Chettle Nicholas PRI/I/44/5 £27 0s 0d
Croft 1643 Apr 7 Chettle John PR/I/44/89 Weaver, Will & Admon 1643 (in 1642 file), Date of inventory - 7th Apr 1643, Total £139 14s 0d
Thornton (10 miles from Loughborough) 1648 Dec 14 Cheatle Robert PR/I/56/36 1661C for Admon
Leicester Borough 1668 Nov 21 Chettle Richard PR/I/67/158 Chandler, Admon 1668, £15 5s 0d
Long Whatton (5 miles from Loughborough) 1675 Mar 6 Cheatle William PR/I/78/72 £48 11s 0d
Sileby (5 miles from Loughborough) 1676 Aug 29 Chettle Thomas PR/I/78/136 £129 16s 8d Yeoman, Will and Admon 1676
Leicester 1676 Sep 17 Chetle Jonathan PR/I/99/64 £66 18s 5d
Woodhouse Eaves (4 miles from Loughborough) 1680 Mar 16 Cheatle William PRI/I/82/253 Husbandman, £31 1s 10d
Loughborough 1684 Jan 1 Cheatle William PR/I/86/219 Tanner, £58 16s 4d
Hugglescote (9 miles from Loughborough) 1693 Sep 26 Chettle William PR/I/97/67 £49 17s 0d
Ashby de la Zouch (12 miles from Loughborough) 1698 Sep 16 Cheatle Richard PR/I/103/84 £11 4s 0d
Longborough 1704 Sep 20 Cheatle Samuel PR/I/111/103 Tanner, £255 10s 4d
Leicester Borough (10 miles from Loughborough) 1707 Jan 6 Chettle (Chetle) Samuel PR/I/114/107, Slater, £4 12s 2d
Syston 1708 Jun 3 Chettle Thomas PR/I/115/68 £22 17s 4d

The reference to distance from Loughborough is added by me. Loughborough appears to be the central point between all of these areas in which the family lived.

The Poll book for Leicester 1741:

Hundred Freeholder Freehold Cave Smith Ashby Page
Framland Chettle, Robert Ab Kettleby x x 17
Goscote East Twiford Chettle, William Siston x 61
Guthlaxton Knaptoft Chettle, William Kilworth North x 99
Goscote West Donnington Castle Chettle, John Donnington on the Heath x 70
Guthlaxton Walcote Chettle, John Long Whatton x x 106
Guthlaxton Walcote Chettle, Michael Belton x x 106
Sparkenhoe Ratcliffe Cuiley Chettle, Joseph x x 131
Sparkenhoe Witherley Chettle, Richard x x 139

Interestingly there is a John Chettle at Donnington Castle in 1741.

On the Roots Web Leicester site another individual is descended from Catherine Cheatle (baptism above) and she is her 3x great grandmother. Interesting for me as Sarah Cheatle is my 3x great grandmother. She is the first person I have found researching the Cheatle family. Since they are both in Ashby de la Zouch in the same time period we might be able to work together on this family.

I continue transcribing the Andover Parish Registers and have now completed to October 1703 with 7540 baptisms recorded now from the beginning of the Parish Registers.

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