Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Andover Hampshire Records - still to transcribe

Carried on with my transcription of Andover Parish Registers and have reached 1694 in marriages. As many as 10% of these marriages a year are missing on the IGI - not sure why but the surname Tarlton was left out almost entirely. Others were simply difficult to read or were entered in such a way that they looked like they might belong with another entry. Sometimes it was reading one marriage and then the next had the same name and their eye probably dropped down a line and the higher entry was lost. I hope to finish the last dozen images this week and then I can start fresh again on the next Parish Register which will complete the Baptisms and Marriages up to 1714. My aim is to reach the mid 1700s and then go back to working on the wills. I have a couple more interesting items to transcribe but I can do them as I am looking at the wills. If I find that they may be very useful I may do them first. I have to look and see what they are as I acquired them at Salt Lake City two years ago (wow time passes!). One set of images is the Andover Manor papers which are in Latin but I can see the name Blake mentioned often enough.

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