Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Return Home

Yesterday I flew back from Milwaukee in two steps with a change of plane in Toronto. I left Milwaukee at 9:30 a.m. CST and arrived home at 14:00 p.m. EST - 3.5 hours from one to the other and its takes two days to drive there (at least it does us!). The stopover in Toronto was 1 h 20 minutes so just about two hours of flying time. Planes have it hands down for getting someplace in a reasonable amount of time. However, you do not see a lot of scenery (the clouds this time were very thick and I saw the least amount of terra firma that I have ever seen on an aeroplane. That is the only real drawback to going by air. The best is the train I think - I do not have to do any driving and get to look around me all the time (at least in the daytime).

I did not do very much genealogy in Milwaukee. Just one day at the Public Library. The other day that I spent at the University Library Archives was more of a look at Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Wisconsin is actually one of the largest populations of Kipp in the United States. However, as best as I could determine, the Kipp families that live in Milwaukee are principally descended from the Kipp family of Germany not the Kip family of New Amsterdam/New York.

Now I want to get back to doing my transcription of Andover Parish Registers. I did learn whilst I was away that the Genuki Hampshire webpages will now have a new maintainer - a relief for me as the webpagery just seemed to be a bit beyond my grasp. I couldn't seem to manage with the generated pages and have them pick up my new information. Plus the new maintainer lives in England so that I know they will have a wonderful opportunity to grow as I wanted them to do but just couldn't seem to get to that stage.

I will be guest editor for ACR this next issue (spring) and I am looking forward to that task. As well I have become the Eastern Canadian co-ordination for the Guild of One Name Studies - a more manageable task for me as I live in the area.

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