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Blake at Upper Clatford before 1757

Before 1757 the Blake families at Upper Clatford may be descendants of Peter Blake but definitely the Blake family at Upper Clatford from 1757 on at least to 1812 are descendants of Joseph Blake and Joanna King (my 4x great grandparents).

Blake events before 1757 at Upper Clatford (all Blake events after to 1812 are my family)

Blake    Anne    daughter    Blake    John            1635    December    28
Blake    Abraham    son    Blake    John            1637    March    4
Blake    Katheren                        1678    July    2
Blake    Mary    daughter    Blake    Mr. Peter        Ann    1679    March    24
Blake    Peetar    son    Blake    Peetar        Ann    1686    August    10

Blake    John    Abbotts Anne    King    Mary    Upper Clatford            1753    December

Blake    Ann    daughter    Blake    John            1640    August    30   
Blake    Elizabeth                        1660    August    15   

The John Blake who is father to Anne and Abraham is unknown in terms of parentage but property at Upper Clatford was conveyed  to Peter Blake by his father William Blake married to Margaret Hibberd. This Peter would have been born before 1 Aug 1606 (the date of his father's will). He is not referred to as a minor so will be 21 or greater in 1606 giving him a birth date before 1 Aug 1585. He does not mention that any of his younger sons are married and notably he is aiming to advance his younger sons with their access to these properties and presumably that has some reference to them making profitable marriages.

However the earliest Blake entries at Upper Clatford are not until 1635 and 1637. The daughter Ann has died and I have no information at the moment on an Abraham Blake. In the Penton Mewsey register there is a marriage for Peter Blake of Clatford and Ann Noyes of Penton Mewsey.

Blake    Peter    Clatford    Noyes    Ann    Penton Mewsey    1677    June    26

and the baptisms of Katheren, Mary and Peter at Upper Clatford are likely their children.

But is there a line between Peter (b c 1580s) and John (b c 1610s) and then John and Peter (b c 1640s)? Is it the same Blake family? The time frame could make them fathers and sons. Possibly the Manor Books of Upper Clatford will help to answer that question. One of my future transcription projects once I complete the Parish Registers that I have at hand up to 1837 when civil registration began and the census are available. I am also working backwards from the marriages having now managed to link Blake marriage to spouse backward from 1951 to my present 1918. I will continue to use Free BMD and the census to try to do the same back to 1837 plus the Marriage Challenges that are done periodically by the Guild of One Name Studies. I did not think I could be ready to submit yet but did manage to put together files for the two challenges today six for one and twenty one for the other. I have extracted the Blake entries from the Guild Marriage Index for Hampshire and will continue as I work through the various counties (I have only done Hampshire thus far working backwards). There are nearly 30,000 Blake marriages between 1837 and 1951.

I am busy proofreading the Upper Clatford Parish Register transcriptions and I am now working on Parish Register 2 which takes me from 1725 to the mid 1770s. Parish Register 3 then repeats 1725 to the mid 1770s in a much better hand and then finished at 1812 for baptisms and burials and marriages to 1753. Parish Register 4 brings the marriages from 1754 to 1812. I had hoped to finish last week but my eyes can only do so much reading microfiche and then I need a change. Hopefully I will complete them this week. I would like to start Abbotts Ann.

My distraction yesterday with the Tweddle family was quite interesting. I like it when people write to me about my various lines. I never know what sort of information I might acquire from them as they search back. In this case, the individual lives in England which is always very very nice for me because they have access to all those records readily. Although I realize it is not an easy thing to be in the North and want to see the records in the southwest. England is a busy place and the M roads are very very busy (like the 401 all the time). I have sent him a fair amount of information already but do not want to overwhelm so will wait for his response each time to send more. I have been given a lot of information on the Tweddle family and have acquired a little on my own.

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