Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jonson family at Abbotts Ann

There is also a Jonson family at Abbotts Ann. I have not yet found the baptism for Susannah Johnson (possible daughter of Roger Johnson and Mary and the wife of Anthony Beaver at Upper Clatford. Notably in 1586 there is a Roger Jonsone baptized at Abbotts Ann and the son of William Jonsone. There is a Roger Johnson married to Margaret and they baptized Roger Johnson 30 May 1641 at Upper Clatford. I shall have to make note of the Jo[h]nson family at Abbotts Ann. There is only one line of the Johnson family at Upper Clatford.

The Hurst family dominates the parish registers at Abbotts Ann in this time period. Harry Hurst is Churchwarden in this time period. There are a number of Hurst  families with heads of household being Henry Hurst, John Hurst, Richard Hurst, Roger Hurst, Thomas Hurst, and William Hurst in the period from 1561 to 1587 where I currently am transcribing. The marriages may help to separate these men into fathers and sons although they could be different families just sharing the same surname.

Most years there are less than ten baptisms in this early time period. No new Blake baptisms and checking the IGI there does not appear to be a lot of Blake baptisms before the 1700s.

I am thinking about the Research Interests webpage for BIFHSGO. I manage the Research Interests and I like the idea of a new method of recording. Devon FHS has a very nice setup where you enter all the material yourself. You have a password and can update or remove at will. I think this is a good system and must think of how to write that up. The system would still require a coordinator to assist with problems entering, monitor the webentries and lost passwords. It would be nice to be able to have a search function that would let you pull up particular names and perhaps even be able to choose the county you wish to search.

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