Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Proofreading Upper Clatford Parish Registers

Continuing on with the proofreading of the Upper Clatford Parish Registers and I have nearly completed Register 2. It is repeated again at the beginning of Parish Register 3 but with minimal changes (noted in the file). I would like to learn more about the Collins family into which Joanna Blake married in 1781 (Joseph Blake died in 1767 leaving her a widow). Thomas Collins first wife was also Joanna and I understand that their farms ran side by side. I need to investigate the maiden surname of Thomas Collins' first wife. They did not marry at Upper Clatford and the baptisms of their children were:

Collins Mary     daughter Collins Thomas     Joanna     1762     May     9
Collins Thomas     son     Collins  Thomas     Joanna     1764     May     13

The Blake family and the Collins family were baptizing children about the same time at Upper Clatford.

Andover Parish Register has the marriages of a Thomas Collins and Joanna Garlick (of Tangley).

Collins     Thomas     Garlick     Joanna     Tangley 1756     August     1    

Witnesses, Alexander Smith, Joseph Godden

Marriage in 1756 should perhaps indicate that I should look for more children prior to 1762. There are no baptisms for this couple at Andover in this time frame. None at Penton Mewsey. Tangley is about 5.5 miles NW of Andover (about 9 kilometres). There is a parish register for Tangley but the baptisms do not begin until 1704, the marriages until 1703 and the burials 1679. I suspect that Andover may have been the location for the baptisms, marriages and burials but Vernham Dean is just 3 miles away, Knights Enham 4 miles and Penton Mewsey 4 miles. 

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