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Siderfin one name study

I am really pleased to announce that Mark Siderfin will be taking over my Siderfin one name study at the Guild of one Name Studies. I have very much enjoyed working on the Siderfin family but not having local access to records I was most pleased to meet Mark a couple of years ago (online) and to share some material with him as he did with me. I hope to see the Siderfin study really grow now. My 3x great grandmother was Elizabeth Siderfin who was baptized (Betty) 19 June 1759 at Wootton Courtney. Her family lived at Selworthy and Wootton Courtney provided me one of the clues as to her grandparents. Augustine Siderfin (her grandfather) was buried at Wootton Courtney 1 March 1762. Prior to that he had taught school at Cutcombe. The parents of Elizabeth were Robert Siderfin and Grace Kent who had married 5 Feb 1752 at Selworthy. Elizabeth had seven siblings and there are a number of records to establish the children (and likely the birth order which is also verified by baptisms). Elizabeth married John Rew 30 Jan 1792 at Selworthy and they had seven children (the last two being twins). Elizabeth (one of the twins) was my 2x great grandmother and she was baptized 20 Dec 1801 at Minehead (probably because they lived at Bratton). Elizabeth was buried 20 Dec 1828 at Selworthy as Elizabeth Rew.

I am continuing on with the Upper Clatford burial register (Parish Register 1) and I hope to complete it later today which will bring me up to 1724 for baptisms, marriages and burials. There was a large gap in the burial register between 1613 and 1631 with no entries on these years and all of the years between. In total there are 267 burials up to the end of 1643. At the end of 1643 there was 458 baptisms so the situation at Penton Mewsey does appear to be one of healthy growth in this time period. There were also 100 marriages in this time period. Interestingly the marriages do not really affect the growth so much because people move about a great deal marrying even to the little village of Penton Mewsey. Were there so many run away marriages in those days or was it that people were working on the local farms and decided to get married and the priest put down their place of settlement rather than their place of living at that time. Was there a big difference in that at time time? Was settlement an issue? Will gradually work through these queries. It doesn't appear to affect my families at all as they tend to stay for a long time in one particular place but there are a couple that move about like the Coleman family from Goodworth Clatford to Upper Clatford to Abbotts Ann. There always seem to be an Inn involved though with this family - perhaps they are selling off their lease at one place and moving on to the next to see if it is a better venture. Slowly the pieces come together for my family lines as more and more of their past is revealed to me in small ways. However, for some family lines there is so little known especially my Buller line in Bermondsey. I need to read the registers there for St Olave, St Mary Magdalen, St Mary (Newington) and a couple of others. Perhaps then I will be able to sort out my Buller family. Gradually the families that married into the Buller line are coming into focus - Beard and Hemsley.

I wrote to three of the Blake researchers that I am corresponding with yesterday but haven't heard anything back yet. I told them my rethink on the Robert Blake at Penton Mewsey and that I rather think he is the Robert Blake at Andover. One reason for this thought is the Admon for John Blake at Penton Mewsey written 27 August 1757.

"On which day Administration of all and singular the goods and Chattles Rights and Credits of John Blake late of the Parish of Penton Mewsey in the County of Southampton and Diocese of Winchester Deceased Intestate, was granted and Committed unto John Blake of the Parish of Andover in the County and Diocese aforesaid the Eldest and Lawful Son of the said Deceased and the said John Blake was duly sworn. Before me George Darling, Surrogate. Hampshire Record Office 1757 A616

Penton Mewsey Baptisms

Blake    John    son    Blake    John        Em    1693    April    20    1693    April    20
Blake    John    son    Blake    Robert            1714    February    22    1714    February    14
Blake    John    son    Blake    Peter            1717    September    24    1717    September    3
Blake    John    son    Blake    John            1718    April    9    1717    March    2
Only two Johns are born sons of John - one in 1693 and one in 1718

Andover Baptisms

Blake    John    son    Blake    John            1596    August    24            of Pewsie
Blake    John    son    Blake    Ritchard            1601    October    25              
Blake    John    son    Blake    Henry            1622    May    4              
Blake    John    son    Blake    Mr. William            1624    November    1              
Blake    John    son    Blake    Edward            1630    September    19        of Foxcot
Blake    John    son    Blake    Mr. William            1644    August    22        Senior Essenton
Blake    John    son    Blake    Mr. William            1649    May    10        of Penton
Blake    John    son    Blake    John        Elizabeth    1684    February    6              
Blake    John    son    Blake    John        Elizabeth    1689    December    16              
Blake    John    son    Blake    John        Mary    1727    November    19

There are four at Andover but none of them are likely the John father and son pair in the admon.

There are none in this time frame at Upper Clatford.

A little more work on John/John Blake and I may be able to fit him into a particular Blake line. The Blake family does continue at Penton Mewsey and to this day there are a few Blake families at Penton Mewsey.

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