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Tweddle family of Lanercost Cumberland UK

A Tweddle researcher contacted me on Ancestry about Thomas Tweddle baptized 5 Jul 1693 at Lanercost Parish Church. This Thomas is my 5x great grandather and I can trace back to him quite readily. My mother's maternal grandmother was Grace Gray (my first Canadian born ancestor) and she was the daughter of Robert Gray (baptized 3 Nov 1810 at Etton East Yorkshire) and Elizabeth Mary Ann Routledge baptized 14 February 1804 at Bewcastle Parish Church (she was born at Parkhead Bewcastle). Elizabeth Mary Ann Routledge's parents were Thomas Routledge baptized 25 Jul 1763 at Bewcastle and Elizabeth Routledge baptized 27 Aug 1763 at Bewcastle. Thomas was born at Broderigg and Elizabeth at Raw. The parents of Thomas were Henry Routledge (born at Oakshaw, baptized 30 July 1720 at Bewcastle) and Margaret Tweddle (baptized 6 Mar 1728 at Lanercost). The parents of Elizabeth were George Routledge (born at Todhills and baptized 17 Apr 1729 at Bewcastle) and Grace Routledge (no baptism date known yet). Thus my Tweddle line enters into my Routledge lines. My Routledge lines continue back with Henry Routledge's parents being William Routledge and Grizzel Routledge and George Routledge's parents being George Routledge (and possibly Margaret Routledge still proving that) and Grace Routledge 's parents being Thomas Routledge (of Hill Bewcastle) and Mary Routledge (of Kirkbeckstown). My 2x great grandmother Elizabeth Mary Ann Routledge has 2 Routledge parents, 3 Routledge grandparents and 6 Routledge great grandparents. Family Lore says there are three sets of cousins but I am still working on those relationships.

Back to Margaret Tweddle (wife of Henry Routledge) and they were married 3 Oct 1759 at Lanercost but the marriage lines does not indicate anything further other than the date and that they were bachelor and spinster of Bewcastle and Lanercost respectively. The only Margaret baptized in a reasonable time frame is Margaret Tweddle daughter of Thomas Tweddle and Margaret Robson who married 18 May 1721 at Lanercost (Thomas Tweddle was baptized 5 Jul 1693 at Lanercost and Margaret Robson was baptized 28 Mar 1705 at Lanercost). Thomas Tweddle held leases at Ringing Hills (Rinon Hills) and I have a copy of one from 1733 when Margaret would have been five years old. Thomas Tweddle is living at Ringing Hills when he died 27 Feb 1777.

Thomas Tweddle and Margaret Robson had seven children all baptized at Lanercost:

John Tweddle baptized 4 January 1722 and married to Jane Smith
Isabel Tweddle baptized 30 May 1723
Jeffrey Tweddle baptized 22 Sep 1725
Margaret Tweddle
Mary Tweddle baptized 28 Aug 1729 and buried 5 Feb 1730 at Lanercost
Thomas Tweddle baptized 7 Jan 1731 and married to Ann Armstrong 13 Jun 1765 at Lanercost (my correspondent is descendant of this family)
 Elizabeth Tweddle baptized 26 Apr 1734
Margaret Tweddle (wife of Thomas) was buried 28 Feb 1735 at Lanercost.

Interestingly Margaret Robson (by checking the land records and the parish records) is likely the daughter of Jeffrey Robson (born at Ash c 1657) and Jane Bushby and they married 25 Sep 1684 at Farlam. I must pull out the records for this family as another researcher has clearly shown the different Robson families by land and parish records. One notes that the second eldest son is named Jeffrey. However the eldest son is named John but the likely father for Thomas Tweddle is another Thomas. He does name the third son Thomas. The names of the daughters though do not particularly fit into a pattern until you look at the names of Thomas Tweddle's children (likely b c mid 1660s) and they are John 1691, Thomas 1693, Margaret 1697, John 1705 and Isabel 1707. The John, Thomas, Margaret and Isabel are repeated in the naming of the children of Thomas Tweddle and Margaret Robson.

I shall continue to correspond with this individual sending him all the information that has been given to me. I hinted that having a one name study (since he is going to a lot of trouble pulling out information) would be wonderful. I believe he lives closeby to this area in England :)

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