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Returning to Abbotts Ann Parish Registers and some stray Blake marriages from another Blake researcher

My foray into the Blake family at Andover the last few days has given me more questions than answers. Producing a gedcom of my family line is the reason for the foray. Have I answered all the questions that I needed to to produce the gedcom? I think I will let it gel for a bit in my mind before I actually do do so plus I still have more entries into the Legacy file before I export the gedcom. I would like it to be as accurate as possible. I dislike putting out information until I am very sure of its correctness. I would rather just have my line sit at Thomas (baptized 21 Feb 1685 at Andover) than link him back to an incorrect attachment. His parents John and Elizabeth are at Andover at least from 1684 on as they baptize and bury their first child (John) in that year. The naming of the children in the Blake family of Andover does not appear to ever be significant. In this case John and Elizabeth named their sons: John, Thomas, John, Richard, William and Joseph. The first John and Richard died young (before three years of age). I find marriages for Thomas (Mary Spring at Andover) and Joseph (Mary Holdway at Penton Mewsey). John and Elizabeth named their daughters: Margaret, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Ann, and Ann. Only Margaret and the second Elizabeth survived beyond early infancy. I never find marriages for these two daughters at Andover or Penton Mewsey.

An interesting set of marriages (Hampshire and Wiltshire parishes) for Blake members from another Blake researcher descendant of the Charles Blake line of Abbotts Ann:

John Blake married Catherine Hollaway June 1739 at Amport, both of Penton Mewsey.
William Blake of Andover married Ann  Brown 1790 at Amport.
John Blake of Grateley married Catherine Wild 1802 at Amport.
William Blake of Monxton married Mary Smith 1802 at Amport

Elizabeth Blake of South Newton married John Smith November 1727 at Laverstock.

Nicholas Blake of Porton married Susanna Chick April 1664 at Allington.
Henry Blake of South Newton married Martha Childe 1674 at Allington.
Richard Blake of West Tytherley married Jane London 1760 at Allington.
John Blake of Idmiston married Mary London 1761 at Allington.

William Blake of Andover gent. married Dorothye Thistlewayte Feb. 1665/6 at Winterslow.
Dorothye Blake Widow Married Richard Lansdowne July 1667 at Winterslow.
Anne Blake of Woodford married Stephen London May 1668 at Winterslow.
Richard Blake of West Tytherley married Elizabeth Kinge Jan. 1694 at Winterslow.

John Blake Married Elizabeth Hartford July 1701 at Salisbury ( St. Thomas) Both of Winterslow.
Richard Blake of Exbury Hants. Widower married Susan Larham Oct. 1812 Salisbury (St. Tomas)

Mary Blake of Milford married George Scamell Stedmond Mar.1701 at Salisbury (St.Martin).
Mary Blake married John Gerard Dec.1707 at Salisbury (St. Martin) both of South Newton.
Elizabeth Blake married William Morris Jan. 1708 at Salisbury (St. Martin) both of Whiteparish.

 I found two marriages very interesting and both William Blake of Andover - the first in 1665/6 at Winterslow as I wonder if William (son of William and Dorothy Blake) married again although I have not yet found a burial for Ann (Hellier) Blake his wife but times are early in that regard. The other marriage in 1790 at Amport of William Blake and Ann Brown since Thomas (my 3x great grandfather)'s brother William lived at Andover in this time period and I have not yet found a marriage or children for him. 
The other marriages will go into my database of Blake marriages and thank you very much to Ernest Blake for these entries. 

As I accumulate information, I need to consider how to display it so that it is available to as many Blake researchers as possible. Barrie Blake's excellent Blake Heritage website contains a vast amount of information but the size of files shouldn't swamp any one person. I shall place these large databases on my website whilst considering other alternatives. I do have webspace at the Guild of one name studies as well that I will utilize.

A second set of marriages from the same Blake researcher:

Elizabeth Blake married William Longland Oct. 1730 at Salisbury St. Martin, both of Wallop.

Elizabeth Blake of Milford married Richard Lovelock of Sparshott Jan. 1761 at Salisbury St. Martin.

Alice Blake of South Newton married Joseph Bourn July 1665 at Idmiston.
William Blake married Sarah Ann London Jun. 1710 both of Porton
William Blake of Clarendon Park married Martha Kinsman of Porton July 1725 at Idmiston.
John Blake married Mary Blake Aug. 1787 both of Boscombe at Idmiston.

John Blake of Shrewton married Ann Newberry Nov. 1770 at Rollestone

Ann Blake of Stover married John Bunkley of Clanden May 1689 at Salisbury St. Edumund.
Katherine Blake of Whiteparish married Benjamin Gale March 1700  at Salisbury St. Edmund.
William Blake of Imber married Hester Henton of Great Cheverell Oct. 1717 at Salisbury St. Edmund.
Mary Blake of Winterslow married John Wooton Sept. 1745 at Salisbury St. Edmund.

Thomas Blake of Idmiston married Elizabeth Olden Dec. 1759 at Boscombe.

Edith Blake married John Batson  1732 both of Purton.

Henry Blake of Homanton married Mary Vincent Jan. 1739 at Britford.

Nicholas Blake of Sarum married Elizabeth Hussey Dec. 1672 at Salisbury Cathedral.
John Blake of Southampton married Alice Parnell Jan. 1712 at Salisbury Cathedral.

William Blake  married Elizabeth Visar July 1707 both of Wraxall ( north).
Mary Blake of Devizes married Thomas Power of Bath Feb. 1654/5 at Devizes.

Thomas Blake married Frances Blake Mar. 1631/2 at Salisbury Cathedral.

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