Thursday, March 31, 2011

T_FGS mtDNA study group

I spent most of the day sorting the T_FGS study group at FT DNA. We published our paper  and now we are in the process of looking at geographic information for our study members. The first step was to place them into their subgroupings for a couple of reasons - certainly to attract new members who might also be interested in looking at the "resting spot" for their mutations. I have randomly coloured this chart but want to go through and systematically colour the majour groupings so that the descent can be clearly seen in each of the subgroupings.

Although this is not my mtDNA haplogroup personally, it belongs to a family member and we have found it quite interesting in that there are four perfect matches. One of the perfect matches still resides in England with no history of emigration. The furtherest back ancestress in this line is Margaret Carr who was born in 1654 at Newport Rhode Island. Going to the other side of the ocean has proven to be difficult primarily because the name of the mother of Margaret Carr (wife of Robert Carr) is not precisely known although Hannah Hale is generally considered to be her name. No proof has yet been found for this assertion.

Interestingly the family lore for the English match states that they are of Dutch descent  and when I trace this line back I find that they were located in East Anglia in the late 1600s early 1700s. More research will be needed although we continue to hope for more matches to see if we can triangulate a "resting spot" for these mutations.

Fourty three people have joined the project since we published so I am finishing up now by sorting them into their respective subgroupings. Then I shall tackle the colours and add the description for each of the subgroups.

As the H11 haplogroup project grows I look forward to doing the same there actually. But it will be a while yet I suspect.

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