Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Transcribing Abbotts Ann Parish Registers

Abbotts Ann Parish Registers - I have completed the first set for baptisms, marriages and burials and moving on with baptisms from 1600 to 1740 I have 393 baptisms up to the end of 1602, 99 marriages to the end of 1598 and 177 burials to the end of 1597. The register to this point in time is legible although poorly written on occasion. As I move forward towards 1700 the register becomes quite difficult to read and this is the particular time period that I would really like to investigate thoroughly. Robert Blake and Elizabeth Russell were certainly at Andover early in their marriage but the substantial period in the early 1700s between children might indicate they baptized children elsewhere and I have located two baptisms in Penton Mewsie likely for this couple finding the others at Abbotts Ann would be most interesting. Determining if the Robert paying subsidy in the 1730s is this Robert would be most helpful as well. I am looking forward now to spending some time at the Hampshire Record Office to see the many documents which they hold and especially wills. I need to prepare a list for the descendant of the Charles Blake line to photograph at Hampshire Record Office and will do that very shortly. That way whenever she has a chance to go she will have the list that might lead to answers for her and other researchers of the Charles Blake line at Abbotts Ann. I had a comment from one researcher querying whether he was illegitimate but I rather think he was not. He is on the same property as Robert Blake was in the 1740s which could indicate a relationship there but more proof would be nice.

Today I would also like to start extracting the Blake entries from the Wiltshire Protestation Returns. I also want to set up a schedule for checking my other surnames probably on a bimonthly basis. I think I will work on the names at the 4x great grandparent level since I have almost all of my lines back that far. I will devote a few hours a day on a continuing schedule so that each name is visited once in the two month period.

King at Upper Clatford
Coleman at Abbotts Ann, Upper Clatford and Goodworth Clatford
Pearce at Abbotts Ann, Collingbourne Kingston
Farmer at Andover, Collingbourne Kingston
Lambden at Andover, Stoke near St Mary Bourne
Knight at Spetisbury, Winterborne Strickland
Ellis at Winterborne Strickland
Vincent at Spetisbury
Butt at Winterborne Strickland, Winterborne Clenstone, Spetisbury
Durnford at Winterborne Strickland, Winterborne Clenstone
Arnold at Winterborne Whitchurch, Milton Abbas
Molton at Winterborne Whitchurch
Rawlings at Enford
Tanner at Tilshead
Dove at Woodford
Morgan at Woodford
Lywood at West Harnahan, Milston, Fugglestone St Peter
Canhan at Fugglestone St Peter
Peck at Milston
Charley at Bishops Nympton, Kentisbury, Coombe Martin
Rowcliffe at Bishops Nympton, South Molton, Merton
Pearse at South Molton
Rew at Selworthy
Moggridge at Selworthy
Siderfin at Selworthy, Cutcombe, Luxborough
Kent at Selworthy, Porlock
Gray at Etton, Holme on the Wolds, Cherry Burton
Hilton at Cherry Burton
Cobb at Lund, Kilnwick
Sproxton at Great Driffield, Lund
Routledge at Bewcastle
Tweddle at Lanercost
Buller at Bermondsey, St Olave
Beard at Bermondsey
Hemsley at Bermondsey
Welch at Rugeley
Brockhouse at Rugeley
Cheatle at Ashby de la Zouch, Castle Donnington
Woodcock at Castle Donnington
Taylor at Birmingham

There are fourty names in total and approximately 60 days in a two month interval. I want to keep weekends free of such searching so that leaves me with about 40 days in a two month interval and falls nicely into one name a day. I think I will keep the order above and begin early in April. I will spend no more than one hour per day unless something unusual becomes apparent. That way I can capture anything new that has appeared in the two month interval. I can set up a research strategy for the next research day on that family and order any items that I might like to have. The first family is King and I would like to spend a little time looking at the King family in the Hampshire Hearth Returns so the first day is planned.

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