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Coleman family at Goodworth Clatford, Upper Clatford and Abbotts Ann

I can trace my Coleman family back to Clement Coleman marrying Katherine Holeridge at Goodworth Clatford 6 Oct 1695. Prior to that date I have not yet found either of these families at Goodworth Clatford but I have the fiche for the Parish Registers and will eventually transcribe them. I will follow my quick regime to look at the Coleman family in Hampshire by checking FMP, Ancestry.ca, and World Connect. I may glance at Mocavo but I am finding it tends towards American Records although does pull up some of the English when they have been scanned at American libraries.

Checking Find My Past did not reveal any new information, I had hoped to find a burial for Clement in the Hampshire Burial Records. I do find the later burials for this family in the burial records but Clement eludes me. By 1717 his widow Katherine Coleman is running the alehouse at Goodworth Clatford and she continues to do so until at least 1723. Their only son Clement was born in 1704.

202M85/1/23  Alehouse Licence - Goodworth Clatford : Catherine Coleman  1717-1723

This record is from the Hampshire Record Office Catalogue and I will continue to monitor this site as well. I must add it to my King Research survey the next time.

Ancestry.ca was my next checkpoint and the only family tree that lists Clement is my own.

World Connect is the same as Ancestry and I continue to be the only person publicly searching for this Coleman family. Clement Coleman (baptized 25 Oct 1704) married Dinah Beaver in 1737 at Upper Clatford. This marriage occurred slightly after the birth of their first son John who was baptized 13 Feb 1737 with their remaining children  (William, Mary Elizabeth, Thomas, Clement, James, Anthony and Henry) all being listed as the children of this couple after their marriage. I did not find their marriage at Upper Clatford. This family had a somewhat tragic happening with the father Clement and two of his children Mary Elizabeth and Clement dying of measles in 1753 and 1756. James died at 14  and Henry at 12 of unknown causes. John, my ancestor died at 43 years of age just nine years after marring Elizabeth Pearce 7 Oct 1771 at Abbotts Ann. His daughter Sarah Coleman married Thomas Blake 10 Jun 1792 at Upper Clatford. I want to learn more about the Coleman family at all three of the villages - Goodworth Clatford, Upper Clatford and Abbotts Ann.

Baptisms at Upper Clatford

Coleman William son Coleman Clement
Dinah 1738 December 30
Coleman Elizabeth daughter Coleman Clement
Dinah 1740 January 25
Coleman Thomas son Coleman Clemens
Dinah 1742 October 21
Coleman Clement son Coleman Clement
Dinah 1744 May 8
Coleman James son Coleman Clement
Dinah 1750 April 15
Coleman Anthony son Coleman Clement
Dinah 1750 July 10
Coleman Henry son Coleman Clement
Dinah 1751 December 2
Coleman William son Coleman John
Elizabeth 1775 March 12

Marriages at Upper Clatford

Blake Thomas Upper Clatford Coleman Sarah Upper Clatford

1792 June 9 Jane Tanner, John Philpotte
Head John Upper Clatford Coleman Elizabeth Upper Clatford (widow)
1781 October 10 Martha Kimber, George Gale

Burials at Upper Clatford


1642 August 20
Coleman Clement

1753 February 8
Coleman Clement son

Coleman Dinah 1756 March 9
Coleman Mary daughter

Coleman Dinah 1756 March 13
Coleman Henry

1763 May 13
Coleman John

1779 July 2
Coleman Dinah

1783 May 7


Strategy for two months time will be starting transcription of the Goodworth Clatford Parish Registers (this may be replaced by Abbotts Ann Parish Records if they are not yet complete).

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