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Lywood Family of Wiltshire - Milston, West Harnham, Fugglestone St Peter, South Newton and Fovant

Most of the work on the Lywood family has been done by Warwick Lywood in his one-name study on Lywood with the Guild of one name Studies. When one looks at the World Profile site of the Lywood surname and I received a surprise because I had only looked at the British Isles profiler before for this surname, the highest frequency for the surname is in Canada at 2.52 per million with the United Kingdom at 2.01 per million and then three European countries - Denmark (0.33), Netherlands (0.32), and Norway (0.28). The top region is the Northwest Territories where the frequency per million shows 110.33 (one does not generally think in millions in the Northwest Territories of Canada :) as there are only 43,529 people living there).

My Lywood connection runs back through my paternal grandmother's line. Her mother Elizabeth Taylor (née Rawlings) was the daughter of Elizabeth Lywood and at that point the name enters into my tree. I have a picture of Elizabeth Lywood probably at a nursing home as the person beside her looks like a nursing sister. She died 2 Jul 1904 at Kimpton (actually at my great grandmother Elizabeth Taylor's home - Elizabeth must have slipped out to buy something as it was her neighbour who was actually listed as being the informant of her death. Unfortunately my paternal grandmother died five years before I was born and not a lot of stories about this family line were passed on as family lore.

Elizabeth Lywood's parents were George Lywood baptized 7 May 1786 at West Harnham and Martha Peck baptized 1 Jul 1792 at Milston. George and Martha married 26 October 1817 at Milston (the registration is somewhat confusing in that Martha is crossed out and the name Rebecca is written in). However, later census show that George married Martha Peck and there isn't a Rebecca to be found. George was a Waterloo pensioner serving in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers (23rd Regiment of Foot) and he earned several clasps during his service. He was honourably discharged in 1816 due to asthma. George and Martha had four children:

David baptized 20 Jul 1818 at Milston and married to Maria Henrietta Naish 21 Jun 1840 at Saint Edmunds Church, Salisbury

John baptized 11 Sep 1822 at Milston and married to Martha Elizabeth Jacobs 16 Nov 1844 at Figheldean

Elizabeth (as above)

George baptized 15 Apr 1832 and buried 18 Feb 1849 at Milston

It is John's line that brought the Lywood name to Canada via his grandson William George Lywood who emigrated to Canada in 1913 with his wife Alice Cannons and they were according to the ship's list heading for Winnipeg, Manitoba but they actually lived at Brockville, Ontario. They were accompanied by their children Robert, George and Nellie. This family I did know about from Warwick and I am curious if this is the family that my father corresponded with and can only vaguely remember his doing so when I was a child.

Looking up this family's emigration revealed another Lywood entry in 1919 and it was William John Lywood returning from the 1st world war. I have this person in the tree as a half brother to William George Lywood his father having been married twice - born Dec quarter 1888 at West Harnham. This was a puzzle to me actually and I have finally solved it. There were two Lywood lines in Canada (half siblings) and descended from Robert Lywood (youngest son of John).

I would like to learn a little more about the Lywood family and I have the protestation returns for this area in Wiltshire. I lately acquired these documents when we visited the Allen County Public Library.

Reviewing West Harneham  in 1641-42 I do not find any members of the Lywood family listed and this would be correct as they were not in this area until the middle 1700s.

Reviewing Foffont in 1641-42 I find Robert Lywood listed and indeed this is Robert Lywood married to Alice Baylie and he was born circa 1580s at Fovant and buried there 14 Dec 1660 (Robert and Alice were married 10 Jan 1624 at Fovant). Since his sons were all less than 18 (Robert was 13 and Thomas 8) they are not listed on the protestation return. I am curious about the Baylie family and there is a William Bayly listed. Whether or not this is the father of Alice remains to be proven. I shall set it as a goal of studying this particular family to learn more about the wives of the Lywood men since they are seldom researched in a one name study.

With that in mind I will check for:

Deart (Deare?) at Fovant
Bryan at Idmiston/Fovant/South Newton
Smith at Bemerton/South Newton
Canham at West Harnham

I did find a John Rawlins at South Newton and a Robert Rawlins at Fisherton Anger  which I shall tuck away for the Rawlins day.

There is a Deare family at Wishford Magna (three members on the Protestation Returns).

There is a Smith family at Steeple Langford (one member on the Protestation Return).

There is a Brian family at Langford Pva (one member on the Protestation Return)

There is a Smith family at Wyly (3 members on the Protestation Return).

There is a Smith family at Tilshead (1 member on the Protestation Return).

There is a Smith family at Shrewton (2 members on the Protestation Return (father and son)).

There is a Rawlins family (one member) and Smith family (six members) at Wilton Burg.

There is a Smith family at Fisherton Anger (three members on the Protestation Returns).

Interesting results from that quick survey and it has convinced me that I should enter these Protestation Returns into an excel file so that I can readily look at the names. This area is particularly pertinent to my paternal grandmother's line. My next study time for Lywood will be dedicated to that project.

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