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Rawlin(g)s Family of Enford, Wiltshire and Blake One Name Study

As usual, I worked at the beginning of the day on my Blake One Name Study. I managed to find the correct partner for a number of the marriages in the 1911 census of England. I will continue working on the Hampshire Blake marriages to complete the time period from 1901 to 1911 in as much as possible. After that it gets easier as I have access to both FindMyPast and Ancestry for the UK Census from 1841 to 1901 (1911 for enumerator books). I may yet expand my FindMyPast membership to include the 1911 census - still thinking about that.

I also commented on the I2a2 DNA study which now has a Wiki. My Blake line is I2a2b with only one "match" which is only 8/12 but rather interesting because we are both so far away from everyone else to make us look like matches :) I was curious if anyone out there would comment and indeed I had a comment back from a member of the group who lives in Galway, Ireland. That was amazing and I commented how great it would be for a Blake to test who can paper trail himself back to the Blake family of 16th/17th century Galway. Who knows; it might happen and that would clearly establish whether or not these two Blake families are related - I do not think so but these days I wait for the results before actually deciding!

The family for me to look at today is the Rawlings family. This is my paternal grandmother's family line. Her mother was Elizabeth Rawlings daughter of William Rawlings and Elizabeth Lywood who married 22 Sep 1849 in Amesbury RD, Wiltshire which includes Milston (parish of Elizabeth Lywood). I have a picture of William Rawlings if anyone reads this and thinks they are related.

This picture was taken in the late 1800s and William is 75 years old. His death registration shows date of death as 10 September 1902.  William was possibly born at Enford or closeby but I have not located his baptism. I have not located the baptisms of his siblings either which makes me suspicious that they were perhaps baptized elsewhere and the records for elsewhere are not yet available on FindMyPast. My great grandmother was born at Enford according to her birth registration and the father of William was baptized at Enford thus leading to my suspicion that he was born at Enford. He is always on the census at Enford from 1841 to 1861. The second youngest child was born at Enford in 1863 and the last child was born at Collingbourne Ducis in 1870. I do have the fiche for Enford and did not find a baptism for William at Enford but they lived on the far end of Enford and could have readily baptized children at Netheravon (his grandfather Jeremiah was baptized at Netheravon) and I do not have those parish registers yet.

The children of William Rawlings and Elizabeth Lywood were

George born 1851 at Milston and married Mary Ann Mead by 1872 possibly at Ludgershall
Harriet born 1852 at Enford; died in childbirth 1874 at Devizes
Elizabeth (my great grandmother) born 19 Oct 1853 at Enford and married William Taylor 11 Feb 1882 at Ludgershall
Mary Jane born 1856 at Enford
William born 1858 at Enford and married Jane Barlow June quarter 1883 at Collingbourne Ducis
David born 1863 at Enford and married Hannah Elizabeth Broadhurst Dec quarter 1891 at Collingbourne Ducis
Sidney Herbert Rawlings born 1870 at Collingbourne Ducis in 1870 and married Lily Sherwood 10 Oct 1892 at Abbotts Ann, Hampshire

 Other than finding baptisms for William Rawlings and his siblings I have a fair amount of information on them. The parents of William Rawlings were Thomas Rawlins baptized 20 Sep 1783 at Enford and Mary Dove (younger sibling of Mary Dove was baptized at Woodford but when I checked the baptisms there is a gap. However her parents were married at Saint Thomas Parish in Salisbury 1 January 1783 so it is possible that she was baptized elsewhere. A quick check of FindMyPast with all the new Wiltshire records might reveal new information but I found nothing.

Children of Thomas Rawlins and Mary Dove and these children do not have baptisms at Enford. Why the surname now is spelled Rawlings is a mystery to me.

Harriet Rawlins born 1813
Isaac Rawlins born 1818
Harriet Rawlins born 1819
Jeremiah Rawlins born 1821
Jane Rawlins born 1823
William Rawlin(g)s (as above)

 I assume that Harriet (1) died before 1819. I am curious if Thomas was in the British Army and need to check that out. The marriage of Thomas Rawlins and Mary Dove was 9 Dec 1807 at Woodford. I do not find any other children born to this couple. I can not find many details on the siblings - Isaac never married, Jeremiah went to Australia I think.

Thomas Rawlins was the son of Jeremiah (Jerome) Rawlins and Sarah Tanner. The priest at Tilshead wrote that Jeremiah Rawlins was of Enford on the marriage registration dated 1 Nov 1780. Jeremiah was baptized 13 April 1755 at Netheravon and the priest recorded that his parents William and Mary Rawlins were from Enford. Sarah Tanner was baptized 31 Dec 1758 at Tilshead and the daughter of John Tanner and Ann Stratton. John and Ann had only two children, John was baptized 10 Mar 1756 at Tilshead and John Tanner and Ann Stratton had married 27 Jan 1752 at Little Cheverell. To date I have not discovered anything further on this family. Returning to Jeremiah he was the last child baptized in the William Rawlins and Mary Ford marriage. Mary Rawlins was buried 10 Mar 1789 at Enford; no burial date yet found for William Rawlins. If this is the correct marriage and I am still working on that they married 30 Sep 1741 at Wylye

Children of Jeremiah Rawlins and Sarah Tanner all baptized at Enford

Elizabeth baptized 26 Aug 1781 at Enford and married William Hurkett 10 Feb 1808 at Enford with children Rachel born 1816 and Charity born 1826 (census)

Thomas (as above) and died March quarter 1866 in Pewsey RD (need to purchase this death registration)

Anne baptized 6 Dec 1785 at Enford; likely died by 1793

John baptized 8 Oct 1786 at Enford and married to unknown with son William born 1814 at Enford (from this line many of the Australian Rawlins are descended and they have retained the Rawlins spelling)

Jeremiah baptized 13 Feb 1790 at Enford (he may have emigrated to Australia as well)

Anne baptized 4 Apr 1793; buried 7 Dec 1793 at Enford

William baptized 5 Mar 1797 at Enford

Anne baptized 5 Mar 1797 at Enford

James born 1801 and married Ruth Lay 24 Apr 1828 at Enford with sons George born 1829 and Thomas born 1840 (census)

The children of William Rawlins and Mary Ford were not all baptized at Enford; I need to investigate to see if I can find a baptisms for them at Wylye or closeby

Mary born 1742 and married Stephen Cotterel 28 Jan 1764 at Enford with son Stephen whose daughter Mary married her 2nd cousin William Rawlins (b 1814 Enford) and they lived in Australia.

William baptized 17 Nov 1743 at Enford married Mary Dyke 25 Sep 1766 at Enford and their children Anne baptized 3 Mar 1767 ; buried 9 Sep 1767 at Enford, Charlotte baptized 25 Aug 1771 at Chisenbury and William 5 Apr 1778 at Enford.

Edward born 1745 (baptism not found at Enford (I have the fiche)) married Ruth White 20 Jun 1766 at Enford and they had five children Mary baptized 2 Aug 1766; buried 21 Aug 1766 at Enford, Anne baptized 13 Jun 1767 at Enford, Elizabeth baptized 19 Sep 1768 at Enford, Mary baptized 8 Feb 1770 at Enford and John baptized 24 Sep 1776 at Enford.

Elizabeth baptized 26 Jun 1747, married 31 May 1772 Thomas Hillier at Enford and they had nine children all baptized at Enford (details available to anyone looking for this information)

Thomas baptized 14 Jan 1748; buried 11 Jul 1758 at Enford

Martha baptized 23 Jun 1751 at Enford married Robert Matthews with son Jeremiah baptized 12 Oct 1777 at Enford

John baptized 22 Oct 1752 at Enford

Jeremiah baptized 13 Apr 1755 at Netheravon

I can not move back from William Rawlins and Mary Ford until I can prove that this marriage is correct. I looked at the marriage at Wylye but only a typed transcript was available and this couple were married by banns. At some point I need to order the Wylye parish register fiche and will consider that for my next research day. Definitely the Rawlins were not at Enford before the 1740s - I have read the Parish Registers well back into the 1600s. Where were they before the 1740s is a mystery although it is interesting the Jeremiah (my 5x great grandfather) married at Tilshead. One is left to ponder if this is a family that lived permanently in another parish or moved about somewhat; certainly they spent the time from 1742 until the 1860s at Enford.

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