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Pincombe family at North Molton

Principally I purchased the Parish Registers of North Molton to look at the Pincombe family there especially given that these registers go back to 1539. I expected to find quite a few entries for the Pincombe family in the 1500s and was somewhat incorrect in that regard. However I did find some entries. At the end of 1568 I now have transcribed 645 baptisms, 140 marriages and 307 burials. The burials are a surprise really as I have found with most other parishes that I have transcribed that the baptisms and burials were much more equal.

Looking at the Pincombe family -

Pyncombe    Agnes    daughter    Pyncombe    William    1543    June    6
Pyncombe    Mary    daughter    Pyncombe    William     1547    Dec    8
Pyncombe    Marye    daughter    Pymcombe    John      1555    July    8
Pyncombe    Marye    daughter    Pyncombe    John        1555    Feb    3
Pyncombe    Johane    daughter    Pyncombe    John        1561    Apr    5
Pyncombe    Marye    daughter    Pyncombe    John        1563    Jan    18

Kingdon    Phillip          Pincumbe    Margret            1539    Nov    15
Pyncombe  John          Hodge    Emet            1560    Jul    1
Locke    William          Pyncombe    Ales            1561    Nov    29
Pyncombe William      Gregorye    Margret            1564    Nov    26
Squire    William          Pyncombe    Margerett    1567    May    26
Squire    George          Pyncombe    Mary            1567    Jul    20

Pyncombe    Marye    daughter    Pyncombe    John    1555    Dec    7
Pyncombe    Marye    daughter    Pyncombe    John    1563    Feb    3
Pyncombe    Elizabeth    wife    Pyncombe    William    1563    Feb    18
Pyncombe    William                        1564    Sep    13
Pyncombe    William                        1565    Mar    25

The results thus far from the North Molton Parish Register continue to encourage me to see that there were other lines of Pincombe at North Molton than what is accounted for in the Visitations. The baptisms of two Maryes in 1555 (one was buried before the other was baptized) and they are listed as daughters of John. This may or may not be John Pincombe son of William Pincombe married to Emotte Snowe as Johane Pencombe in her will mentions her son John with one daughter and Johane was already born as the daughter of John Pincombe and Emot Hodge who married in 1560. It is always possible that he was married twice and both daughters died and there is the death of a daughter Mary 3 Feb 1563 but the will of Johane Pencombe was dated 7 May 1563 and since this is old style February follows May instead of preceding it.

The marriages include Margaret Pincombe marrying in 1539, Alice Pincombe marrying in 1561, Margaret Pincombe marrying in 1567 and Mary Pincombe marrying in 1567. From the will of John Pincombe the elder (dated 25 Jul 1604 and found in my blog 4 Aug 2011) we know that he had two daughters Alice married to Roger Webber and Agnes married to unknown Selye so I am able to eliminate these two as being one of the marriages in the North Molton Parish Register.

In the will of Johane Pencombe she names her two son in laws (see my blog 31 Jul 2011) as John Locke and John Jasse. Well the marriages lines for Ales Pyncombe read William Lock as her husband. There are no children mentioned for the Locke marriage and only one child for the Jasse marriage. As well this family lived at East Buckland which also had a Church but the Parish Registers do not begin until later in to 1600s.

The William Pincombe who marries Margret Gregorye 26 Nov 1564 is he a widower? The marriage lines do not yield that information. There is a William Pincombe who has buried a wife Elizabeth 18 Feb 1563. Is he the father of Agnes baptized 1543 and Mary baptized 1547? Is he the William buried 25 Mar 1565 and who is the William buried 13 Sep 1564? William becomes a fairly common name in the Pincombe family but there isn't a William mentioned in the Visitations until the third generation and this William baptizing children in the 1540s at North Molton would have had to be in the 2nd generation. The Mary who married George Squire 20 Jul 1567 could be Mary daughter of William Pincombe baptized 8 Dec 1547. Perhaps that would have William himself born around 1515 +/- 5 years since there was a daughter Agnes baptized to William Pincombe at North Molton in 1543. Another interesting fact is that both John (one of them) and Thomas Pincombe named a son William. There isn't a William Pincombe baptized at North Molton up to 1568.

Why two burials for William Pincombe? Was there a son William born and baptized elsewhere and then the father William was buried in 1565?

Who is Margaret Pincombe who married PhilipKingdon 15 Nov 1539. Her birth would also have been in the 1515 +/- 5 range. Was she a sister to Thomas, John and John Pincombe known sons of the unknown Pincombe who came to North Molton in 1485 (by the Visitation of Devon).

A lot of questions from this first few years of Parish Registers at North Molton.

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