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Visitation of Devon 1564, 1620 and 1620 with additions

The Visitations of Devon in 1564 and 1620 can be found online. The page for Pincombe from Visitation of Devon for 1620 with additions I have also now found it online at Family History Archive. I have never found the Pincombe/Pyncombe/Pencombe family in the 1564 Visitation which lends credence to the idea that they became "known" because of the marriages that they made in the late 1500s and early 1600s namely, William Pincombe at East Buckland marrying Temperance Pollard (grandaughter of Sir Lewis Pollard (Judge)) and John Pincombe of Southmolton marrying Amy Doddridge (nephew was Judge Doddridge).

I have mostly been paying attention to the 1620 with additions Visitation and and failed to note that the original 1620 Visitation has the sons of the first Pincombe at North Molton in 1485 as Thomas, John and forename unknown. I wonder if there is an error in the revised 1620 Visitation with additions. The children if any of the unknown Pincombe are not listed and most interesting John and Christopher Pincombe of Southmolton are both listed as sons of John rather than having two John Pincombes with each having one son namely John with John and John with Christopher which is how the Revised Visitation reads.

There is a plus and minus to this relook at the original 1620 Visitation. I still have this gap of years and a more positive note that John and Thomas were indeed brothers and not half-siblings. It would be interesting if the wife of the first John Pincombe could be found. Was the third son William? Since these Visitations are in the public domain I shall place a copy in this blog as images.
1620 Visitation (original)

1620 Visitation (original)

The 1620 Visitation with additions has the change in the first generation sons:

1620 Visitation (Family History Archive)

The original 1620 Visitation certainly puts a different focus on the Pincombe family with respect to the first Pincombe at North Molton. Could one conclude that there was only one John Pincombe brother to Thomas in the second generation? Finding the names of the wives of John and Thomas and the unknown sibling would be a great next step in looking at this family in the early 1500s. (The will of Johane Pencombe does appear to make her the wife of Thomas.) There is always the possibility that the first Pincombe at North Molton came as a young page with Lord Zouch. That is a thought that has recently crossed my mind. He could be a young lad of ten or twelve years of age which would make the time frame more reasonable with respect to the time at which his children were born and likely married. Although I have looked at the original 1620 Visitation several times in the past it shows how you can miss items the first time through. I got into the habit of using the 1620 with additions because I had it as an *.pdf. I have now downloaded the two pages of the original 1620 as images.

While I have the family history archive site open looking at the original 1620 Visitation I shall check out some of my other Devon lines.Although this revised 1620 Visitation with additions is interesting, it is the old story of being wary of copied material. My decision to go back and look at the earlier original Visitations may have saved me a few hours of thought in the direction of the first Pincombe at North Molton having married twice :)

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