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Will of Thomas Pincombe dated 8 Nov 1651 (PROB 11/228 - Image Reference 266/208)

This next will for the Pincombe family was written by Thomas Pincombe husbandman at North Molton 8 Nov 1651. This Thomas Pincombe was the father of Bartholomew Pincombe who left his will dated 4 Dec 1656 (see blog 7 Aug 2011). One of my purposes in looking at this set of wills at this time was to link the families.

William Pincombe and Emotte Snowe (see blog 30 Jul 2011) had seven sons and my original premise for this family was that William's sons had fanned out from East Buckland and Filleigh and many of the Pincombe families found in the 1600s in areas as far away as Barnstaple, Bideford and even Plymouth were descendants of this William. However, finding the wills on the Genuki Devon website for the Pincombe family members in the 1500s this was an incorrect premise and it seemed like a good time to finally transcribe all of the Pincombe wills in my possession (I had only read them as I discovered when I went back to read the transcriptions) and discuss them with respect to the earlier Pincombe one name study and my own thoughts on the possibility of this being a singleton family name in Devon.

In the will below written by Thomas he provides one linking clue when he mentions the property at Molland Sarazin which he is now giving to his son Thomas Pincombe. He does not appear to hold all of the property that had been mentioned in the will of his father William and indeed the property had been left to Symon, Richard (my ancestor who lived at Bishops Nympton) and Thomas. Notably the earlier blog read:

William Pincombe of East Buckland and Filleighe in his will dated 20 Dec 1602 (see my blog 30 Jul 2011) left the property known as Over Mollande Sarazin to his three sons Symon, Richard and Thomas.

21  .....  if Symon Pyncombe, Richard Pyncombe and Thomas Pyncombe my sonnes
22    so longe lyve, or anie of them so longe lyve, all that the hall of the Tenement and Barton commonlie
23    called Over Mollande Sarazin, the entire, and house adioyning to the northe part of the said halle
24    the chambers over the saide halle and the house within the said halle, one chamber over the said house
25    and the shippinge in the easte part of the saide house. And all that parte or portion of the Towne
26    place there which is lymitted and appointed by meerts and bonds, the garden by southe the yokinge
27    house. One close of lands called the Southedowne, one other close of lande called the bottoms close
28    and dyvers other closes platts and quilletts of lande, meadowe, woods, wayes and other hereditam[en]ts
29    within the appurtennces in Northmolton in the countie before said, ...

Richard Pincombe (my ancestor) died in 1648 and this Thomas had died by 1653. Unfortunately their dates of birth can only be quessed at although they are younger sons and the birth of their older brother William is known to be in 1566. Symon, Richard and Thomas follow William in birth order so have lived likely to a good age for the times. Richard married by 1598 (or earlier) and so was likely born by 1575. Finding the ages of these children is important to me in that I strongly feel that a generation may be missing or that the initial Pincombe at North Molton married twice.

In the will below Thomas mentions William Pincombe of Filleigh and I am still not sure which William Pincombe this is. Likely it is William Pincombe married to Bridget Worth but I need to collect further evidence in this regard.

Thomas in his will below mentions his three children and their children : 1. Bartholomew Pincombe married now to Johane and his daughters Frauncis and Rechord (by his first wife Frances), the son John is not mentioned as he was born in 1654; 2. Thomas married to Johane with sons William, Thomas, John, Richard and Robert (I believe this Richard to be the Richard at Chittlehampton married to Jane Bond and must continue to draw out evidence to support this premise); 3. Grace married to Richard Hannanerd with daughter Katherine mentioned in the will below. At some point in the past I have a vague memory of finding this name to actually be Hannacott but it does not look like that spelling in the will below. I shall have to find the record that mentions this family related to the Pincombe family. It is a rather dim memory unfortunately. Although initially I had planned to transcribe the records of North Molton first before transcribing this will the discovery of Molland Sarazin in the will gave me this neat relationship with the earlier will of William and so I decided to immediately transcribe the will and can add in the North Molton parish records later.

The will of Thomas Pincombe:

Recorded: 19 August 2011
Source: Public Record Office, London, UK, PROB 11/228 - Image Reference 266/208
Place: North Molton, Devon, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 8 Nov 1651  (probated 23 Sep 1653)
Read: File d:/01-workingfile/family/ThomasPincombe-208.pdf
Condition: fairly clear, light, old English writing

[in margin] [Testator] Tho: Pincombe

1    The last Will and Testament of Thomas Pincombe
2    the elder of the parish of Northmoulton in County of Devon husbandman made
3    the Eighth day of November in the yeare of our Lord God One Thousand sixe
4    hundred fiftie and one in manner and forme followinge, First I bequeath
5    my soule to Almightye God my maker and Redeemer and my bodye to the Earth
6    from whence it came, Item I give and bequeath unto the poore people of
7    the
    [page 2]
8    the parishe of Northmoulton Fortie shillings; Item I give and bequeath unto
9    Bartholomewe Pincombe my sonne Five pounds and to be paid unto him with
10    in one yeare after my decease, Item I give unto Thomas Pincombe my sonne
11    one peece or parcell of grounde commonly called or knowne by the name of
12    Dobs Downe beinge parte of the Bartine of Molland Sarizine dureinge the life
13    of Bartholomew Pincombe my sonne and the life of Grace Hannanerd my daughter
14    Item I give and bequeath to Johane Pincombe the wife of Bartholomew Pincombe
15    that nowe is one cowe and to be delivered unto her by my Executors within one
16    monethe after my decease, Item I give unto Frauncis Pincombe and Rechord
17    Pincombe daughters of the foresaide Bartholomew Pincombe one Ewe sheepe
18    a peece and to be delivered unto them within one moneth after my decease,
19    Item I give unto Johane Pincombe the wife of the foresaid Thomas Pincombe one
20    cowe and to be delivered unto her within one yeare after my decease, Item I give
21    unto William Pincombe Thomas Pincombe John Pincombe Richard Pincombe
22    and Robert Pincombe one Ewe sheepe a peece and to be delivered unto them
23    within one moneth after my decease, Item I give unto Katherine Hannanerd
24    the daughter Richard Hannanerd one Ewe sheepe and to be delivered unto
25    her within one moneth after my decease, Item I give unto Johane Pincombe
26    my kinswooman that is now dwellinge with mee one Ewe sheepe and to bee
27    delivered unto her within one monthe after my decease, Item I give unto
28    William Penrose and Johane his now wife the _lee house that is next adioy
29    neinge to the Court gate and all my garden bee north - same house and
30    space without the Courthedge bee East the court gate to sett a reeke belonginge
31    to his house and to be yeilden up unto him within one weeke after my decease
32    duringe my terme that I have in the same if he and shee doe make thryre
33    dwellinge - therein payeinge twelve pence a yeare. Item I give unto John
34    Hunnacotte of Landkey and William Pincombe of Fillye the halehouse and
35    all the rest of the houses there not before given and the Souther Camland
36    and the souther little meadowe and the garden the garden and meadowe it
37    is bee southe the dwellinge house and my part of the wood belongeinge to
38    the same tenement to the use and profitt of my daughter Grace and her
39    children and to noe other use which houses - and ground were
40    sometime in the possession of William Penrose. Item I give unto John Hunnacott
41    and William Pincombe all the rest of that Tenement not before hand given
42    at the end of five years next after my decease for fiftye yeares if my daughter
43    Grace or any child or children soe long shall continue to the use of my daughter
44    Grace and her children and to noe other use nor purpose and my will further is that
45    if my daughter Grace and her children doe happen to dye all. That Tenement
46    shall remayne to my Executor and to his use and to noe other persons whatsoever
47    All the rest of my goods and Chattells not before hand given nor bequeathed
48    I give and bequeath unto Thomas Pincombe my sonne, him I doe make and
49    ordayne to be my whole Executor of all my goods and Chattells of this my
50    present last will and Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my
51    hand and seale even the day and yeare first above written and I doe intreate
52    John Hunnacott and Robert Edbrooke my beloved freinds to be my overseers
53    to see my last will performed. The signe and seale of Thomas Pincombe
54    Wittnesses hereafter named Robert Smyth the signe of Johane Beere
55    This Will was proved at Westminster before
56    the judges for probate of Wills and grauntinge Administrations the three
57    and twentieth day of September in the yeare of our Lord God one Thousand
58    six hundred Fiftie and three by the Oath of Thomas Pincombe the sonne
59    and sole Executor named in ye said will To whome Ad[mini]s[trat]ion was committed of all and singuler the
60    the goods chattells and debts of the said deceased he beinge first sworne well
61    and trulie to Administer the same.

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