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North Molton Parish Registers and the Will of Robert Pincombe dated 19 Apr 1827 at Bishops Nympton Devon (Inland Revenue Wills - Estate Duty Office, Page 885)

Continuing on with the North Molton Parish Registers as my plan is to complete them this year (i.e. before Christmas). There are now at the end of 1639 baptisms 2568, marriages 406, burials 1081 with 1636 being a particularly difficult year for the parish with a total of 56 burials (a usual year is 30 burials) and 103 banns.

More Pincombe entries were found in the latest transcriptions which are most welcome as the family was first in Devon in North Molton in 1485 according to the Visitation. My line moved to Bishops Nympton from East Buckland/Filleigh in the 1590s (remaining there for the most part until they emigrated to Canada in 1850 (last ten years were at Molland)).

This is of course most interesting for my one name study on the Pincombe/Pinkham family at the Guild of one name studies. Along with the wills, I am getting a much deeper understanding of the Pincombe family at North Molton.

These two entries were somewhat confusing until I found the burial of Katherine Pincombe wife of Thomas Pincombe

Pincombe Thomas son Pincombe Thomas   1616 Mar 30
Pincombe William son Pincombe Thomas  Joan 1639 Mar 31

Pincombe Thomas Smith Joan 1635 Apr 28

Pincombe William son Pincombe Thomas  Katherine 1624 Dec 7
Pincomb Joan      1633 Jan 15
Pincombe Katherine wife Pincombe Thomas   1636 Feb 5
Pincomb William      1637 Jan 29

So I now know that Thomas Pincombe marrying Joan Smith was quite likely the son of Thomas Pincombe since the wife of Thomas Pincombe did not die until nearly two years after her son married. But it ends any thought that Richard Pincombe who married Jane Bond 30 Jul 1652 was a son of Thomas who married in 1635 as he was the fourth son of this marriage. Which brings us back to the question asked before in an earlier blog. Who is the Richard Pincombe who married Jane Bond at Chittlehampton?

I now have the name of Thomas Pincombe's wife (father of Bartholomew, Thomas (married to Joan Smith) and Grace) and it was Katherine. However I do not have her surname at this time. They did not marry at North Molton.

Moving away from the Parish Registers for the moment, I also worked on one of the first Pincombe wills that I looked at. The will of Robert Pincombe dated 19 Apr 1827. Robert was my 3x great grandfather and I did grow up hearing a few stories about him. Not a great deal as he died whilst his children were all still young - only his eldest son Robert was 21 years of age when he died. My ancestor was John (some people have asked me why he was disinherited as he received only 5 shillings) but I think that John inherited from his eldest Uncle (John Pincombe at Molland) so that he did not receive anything else from his father other than the token five shillings which said you are my son and I am remembering you in the will. We did find his gravestone at Bishops Nympton attached to the Church Wall (exterior) and somewhat hidden behind a Yew Tree. That was a lucky find. My husband was walking along and noticed the stone and moved the tree a little to read it and said Robert Pincombe died 1827. It immediately caught my attention as I knew that my Robert had died in 1827.

Robert was 52 when he died. That seems very young but at a time when the average age at death was in the late 40s early 50s his age at death was not uncommon. His brothers outlived him by ten to twenty years. His wife had died four years earlier of unknown causes and one of his sons William died two years after his mother. His will was dated the 19 Apr 1827 and he died on the 23rd Apr 1827. Perhaps it was a sudden infectious disease. That information did not pass down in the family.

Robert Pincombe and Elizabeth Rowcliffe was a love match as Elizabeth's father was a fairly prominent land owner and she was his only daughter. Robert was 28 when he married and Elizabeth was 26. They actually married more in line with present day marriages and went on to have eight children (7 sons and 1 daughter). They went through all the family names and the only one that wasn't a father/brother's name was that of Richard. I wonder why Richard although it is a fairly common Pincombe name in this line it had not appeared since Richard son of William Pincombe and Emotte Snow. Richard was the first ancestor at Bishops Nympton. One piece of family lore that did come down was that they had named all of their children after family.

The wills for the Exeter Court were all destroyed in WWII so that the original of this will did not survive the bombing but a copy had been placed with Inland Revenue and so this particular copy has survived and I have transcribed it below with the Probate. It is modern English for the most part - very few middle English terms are used.

The will of Robert Pincombe:

Recorded: 19 Oct 2011
Source: Inland Revenue Wills - p 885
Place: Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 19 Apr 1827 (probated 27 Oct 1827)
Condition: photocopy, bold, modern English writing
Type: three pages - Original will (2 pages) and Probate (1 page)

1 In the name of God, Amen.  I Robert Pincombe of Bishopsnympton
2 in the County of Devon, Yeoman, being infirm in Body but of Sound and disposing
3 Mind Memory and Understanding praised be God for the same do make and ordain
4 this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say, First
5 I give and Bequeath unto my Son Robert Pincombe the Sum four pound a year to be
6 paid to him within one year after my Decease, Also I give unto my Daughter Betsy
7 Pincombe the sum of Four pound a year, Also I give unto my son John Pincombe
8 the [sum] of five shillings, Also I give unto my Son Thomas Pincombe the sum of four Pounds a
9 year after he arrive to the Age of Twenty one, Also my Son George Pincombe the sum of four
10 Pounds a Year after he arrive to the Age of twenty one, Also I give unto my Son Richard
11 Pincombe the sum of four Pounds a year after he arrive to the Age of twenty one, Also I
12 give unto my Son Philip Pincombe the sum of four Pounds A year after he arrive to
13 to the age of twenty one my will is that if either of my Children should happen to
14 die under the Age of twenty one Years and unmarried then the Legacy or Legacies of him
15 or her so dying shall be equally Divided between them Survivors And also if my Son
16 Robert Pincombe should die and have a Widow and During her Widowhood to have her
17 husband share out of my Estate or Estates Also I give Devise and Bequeath unto my
 Brother John Pincombe of Molland and William Pincombe of Bishopsnympton and Phillip
18 Routtcliffe of Mary Ansley in this County, Yeomen. All that my said Moiety and Half
19 fendle of West Wood and my Tenement called East Wood also my Leasehold Estate called
20 Park with their and every of their Appurtenances thereto belonging And also my Goods
21 chattels Personal and Testamentary Estate Whatsoever and Wheresoever
22 Robert Pincombe [signed]
 [Page 2]
23 To hold the same unto the said John Pincombe William Pincombe and Phillip Routcliffe
24 their Executors Administrators and Assignes Subject and Charged and chargeable to and with the
25 Payment of all Just Debts and Legacies herebefore given, Also I authorize and Impower my
26 Trust or Trustees to Mortgage or Assigne over my Estate or Estates if required for the
27 better payment of my Debts Also my Will is that after my Debt is all paid that my Children
28 herein before named, that is to say, my son Robert Pincombe Betsy Pincombe Thomas
29 Pincombe George Pincombe Richard Pincombe and Philip Pincombe to have their equal share alike
30 out of my Estate or Estates And lastly I do hereby Nominate Constitute and appoint the said John
31 Pincombe W[illia] Pincombe and Philip Routcliffe Executors in Trust of this my last Will and Testament
32 and Jointly Guardians of my said Children And I do Declare this to be my last Will and
33 Testament In Wittness whereof I have to the first sheet of this my last Will and Testament I have
34 subscribed my name and At this last sheet I have sett my hand and Seal this nineteenth day of
35 April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven
36 Robert Pincombe [signed and sealed]
37 Signed Sealed Published and Declared by the above named
38 Robert Pincombe the Testator as and for his last will and testament
39 in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence have
40 subscribed our Names as witnesses thereto
41 John Pincombe [signed]
42 The Mark of Jane X Arnell
43 The Mark of Ann X Arnell
44 W[itnesse]s sig[ned] as A true Copy
45 William Gray [signed and sealed]
 [Page 3]
47 John Pincombe of Molland in
48 the County of Devon, Yeoman
49 and Philip Rowcliffe of
50 Mariansleigh in the same
51 County Yeoman
52 Executors in Trust named in the last Will and Testament of
53 Robert Pincombe late of Bishopsnympton
54 in the County of Devon Yeoman deceased
55 who died on the 23rd Day of April 1827
56 make Oath to say that they have made diligent search and
57 due enquiry after, and in respect of the Personal Estate and Effects of the
58 said Deceased, in order to ascertain the full Amount and Value thereof; and
59 that to the best of their knowledge, information, and belief, the whole of
60 the Goods, Chattles, and Credits, of which the said Deceased died, possessed
61 within the Peculiar Jurisdiction of the
62 Bishop of Exeter
63 (exclusive of what the Deceased may have been possessed of, or intitled to
64 as a Trustee for any other Person or Persons, and not beneficially, but
65 including the Leasehold Estates for Years of the Deceased, whether abso-
66 lute or determinable on Lives, and without deducting any thing on account
67 of the Debts due and owing from the Deceased,) are under the Value of
68 One thousand and five hundred pounds
69 John Pincombe [signed]
70 Philip Rowcliffe [signed]
71 Sworn on the Twelfth
72 Day of October 1827 before me
73 Edward Chave Tunsgate

I also have the wills of the two brothers of Robert Pincombe (John and William) which I plan to transcribe over the next few days and then that leaves me with three other Pincombe wills. The National Archives holds one Pinkham will I need to acquire. The name Pinkham is common in the United States and in some parts of England and is a variant of Pincombe.

William Pinkham, Carpenter of London, Middlesex - dated 21 Feb 1749; PROB 11/768 and Imae Reference 75/78.

Genuki Devon Wills project shows the following Pinkham wills:

Pinkham  Richard  Totnes  DEV (carrier)     1812  W  co     IRW  P 907  
Pinkham  William  Dawlish  DEV (ironmonger)    1835  A  ab  EXE  DDR2  IR 26/490 f.474  [NB - 'Place' shows administrator's abode]; to Ann Pinkham, widow
Pinkham  William  Dawlish  DEV     1837  A  ab  EXE  DDR2  IR 26/494 f.431

At some point I shall try to acquire any of these that are available - the IRW p 907 will be available.

My next step with Pincombe/Pinkham one name study is to once again extract all the names from FreeBMD - I have done this up to 1911 several years ago and placed many of them into families but FreeBMD is up to the early 1950s now and it is time to bring my project up to date.

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