Thursday, October 20, 2011

North Molton Parish Registers and Pincombe file updated beyond 1911

North Molton Parish Registers continue to be my main transcription from fiche at this time and at the end of 1641 there are now 2643 baptisms, 422 marriages, 1134 burials and 103 banns. I am only on the second row of the third last fiche so still a fair amount to transcribe. I must investigate acquiring several more Parish Registers for North Molton to bring me up to the mid 1800s although no rush on that as I have copies of the records for my direct line already when we visited Salt Lake City.

By this time period all of my families of interest have now moved on to Bishops Nympton from North Molton so that my continuing interest is solely for my one name Pincombe study. Contemplating that study I realized that I had not yet updated the births, marriages and deaths registration file using FreeBMD so have now extracted all those entries and have added in the marriage partners from 1912 on. I still have the baptisms to work on in terms of making a file that is readily searchable on all items. I have not yet found all the partners in the 1837 to 1911 marriages yet and will do that in combination with the census.

Another piece of exciting news for the Pincombe study is another family member (Pinkham) joining the yDNA study. To really learn the deep ancestry of this family the yDNA study is absolutely essential to show if this is a singleton family. I will await his results.

The world profiler for Pinkham surname shows:

Top Countries
Country                       FPM
NEW-ZEALAND       15.17
CANADA                     8.25
IRELAND                     1.03

The Pinkham surname is frequent in the United States and New Zealand.

Next looking at the Pincombe surname on the World Profiler:

Top Countries
Country                         FPM
CANADA                       3.44
UNITED STATES          0.8
IRELAND                       0.34
SPAIN                             0.1

The spelling Pinkham dominates in the United States and I wonder if perhaps the individuals who use the Pincombe spelling are all descendant of my 2x great grandfather's older brother Robert whose family settled in Kansas. Robert had two sons the eldest of whom was killed in the Civil War (he was fighting with the North) but the younger son had a large family.

Worldwide the Pinkham spelling dominates as can be seen by the frequency of Pincombe which is highest in the UK but at only 6.31 per million (Pinkham is 18 per million in the United States of America).

Two branches of the Devon Pincombe (at least) came to Canada in the mid 1800s (my own and one line from Beaford) but there have been other immigrations to Canada. In general the Pincombe name is still primarily located in Devon with the top cities in the United Kingdom being:

Exeter , south west , UK
Taunton , south west , UK
Tiverton , south west , UK
Chulmleigh , south west , UK
South Molton , south west , UK
Barnstaple , south west , UK
Romford , south east , UK
Umberleigh , south west , UK
Reading , south east , UK
Crediton , south west , UK

The original Pincombe one name study was run by two researchers both of whom had the spelling Pinkham for their surname - one lived in the United Kingdom and the other in the United States. I continue entering their charts which they archived at the Society of Genealogists (it is now possible to archive your study with the Guild of one-name studies but that option was not available at the time they closed their study) into my Legacy Family Tree Program although I haven't done very much the last couple of months. The study was named Pincombe as the primary surname with the Pinkham spelling as a deviant. That surprised me somewhat as both carried the Pinkham surname. However, their charts show that all lines begin with the Pincombe surname with several of the specific family lines eventually moving to the Pinkham spelling.

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