Thursday, October 27, 2011

What is your number? -

A rather interesting website first thing in the morning - where do you fit into 7 billion? When I was born I was the 2,418,651,706th person alive on earth and I am the 75,251,231,975th person to have lived since history began. Fascinating stuff for genealogy.

Wow the world has grown since I was born - there are more than twice as many people alive today as were alive when I was born - mind you I was born just a month after the Second World War officially ended in the world. But still, imagine how fast the population is growing. Will people move to the Moon, to Mars in my lifetime?

Well with that profound knowledge first thing in the morning I shall now return to my Blake one name study. I am slowly putting together the marriages from 1837 to the mid 1950s. That way I am ready for any marriage challenges that the Guild of one name studies does for its members. There is still an enormous amount to do for the Blake study and I keep the Pincombe study moving along as well. I find that I am now working somewhat in a bubble doing my own thing. Occasionally interacting with other Blake and Pincombe descendants on the email but mostly just plugging away at collecting data and organizing it.

Half of the vegetable garden is now turned over and I will do the other half today. I hope to beat any deep freeze! Then there are all the plants to be trimmed before winter. Grass somehow sounds very inviting these days but the colours of the garden spring into summer into fall have been lovely. My husband gave me a potted yellow daisy plant for mother's day in May so I planted it in the garden after it stopped blooming and amazingly it bloomed about a week ago and it is still blooming. This marvelous yellow splash of colour in an otherwise slowly browning garden. The same with an Easter Lily that we had. Planted that in the garden as well and it is just waiting to burst into flower. Potted it and put it in the garage at night so that it wouldn't freeze. It should bloom in the next week or so. The snapdragons are also amazing. They are a mass of colour at the very back of the house where they are protected. The yellow daisy is way out in the yard looking quite spectacular still. Although last night's frost may have finished that story of blooming!

William Pincombe (another brother of Robert my 3x great grandfather)'s will is slated to be transcribed today. An interesting family the Pincombe and I wonder if they are a singleton. I have a new member of my Pincombe yDNA study group. I would like to try to persuade one of my Pincombe cousins to test and perhaps I will try to email a couple of them to see if they might consider doing that. Too bad I didn't think of it before my uncle passed away actually. But my interest in genealogy was still in its infant thought process and DNA was still not in my field of vision at the time.

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