Monday, November 14, 2011

1675 at North Molton

Although Pincombe variants have filled my thoughts for the last couple of days, I did manage to work away at North Molton Parish Registers in between. Now at the end of 1675 there are 3857 baptisms, 660 marriages, 2076 burials and 162 banns. It was interesting having the banns for a few years (1654-1658) at North Molton. It gives you irrefutable evidence of the linkage of the three generations (father to son/daughter to grandchildren of that marriage) unless of course you have too many similar forenames. Certainly the families that are most usual at North Molton have a lot of entries in any given year and the Locke, Thorne, Burges and Shopland families come to mind. This is 137 years of baptisms from 1538 (less of marriages, burials and banns because of missing years of records).

One Pincombe entry I hadn't noticed before was the baptism (and burial six weeks later)  of a son Thomas to Thomas Pincombe in 1670. This is likely the son of Thomas Pyncombe and Johane Smith who married 28 Apr 1635 at North Molton and had five sons: William, Thomas, John, Richard and Robert all nicely named by their grandfather Thomas Pyncombe in his will. No Pincombe marriage in this time frame at North Molton and the name of the wife was omitted in the baptism.

There was also a burial for a John Pincombe 5 Apr 1673. There are two possible living in this direct area and I shall have to work away at that. He was likely an adult as the priest normally noted if the burial was the child of someone or the wife of someone which is rather handy.

Onto the fourth row of this fiche which leaves me with one full fiche and 18 images (1.5 rows) of this one to complete all the material that I have purchased for North Molton. This will bring me into the 1700s and I may in the future purchase more registers of North Molton. Once completed I will likely submit this to Genuki Devon and also Landkey.

One of my major projects this year to complete is the conversion of the Parish Registers of Bishops Nympton transcription from the word document that I prepared it in to an excel file. This was my very first big project of transcription and it is nearly 1000 pages long. I felt that I had to have a word for word transcription and it is all of that. I can search it readily but sorting like an excel file simply isn't possible. I never do a line by line transcription anymore; I record the extra details in a "Note" column which works very well but I was new to genealogy and had absolutely no idea that I would eventually prefer the ability to sort over the ability to have an exact replica of the original register.

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