Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Parish Registers of North Molton continuing

At the end of 1650 in the Parish Registers of North Molton there are now 2943 baptisms, 477 marriages, 103 banns and 1380 burials. New families have arrived in North Molton including the Scott family. The older families are still there and records for Pincombe continue with the grandchildren of Thomas Pincombe now being baptized. I have thirteen pages left to do on this fiche and that will bring me to the births of 1657. The plan of completing these fiche by mid November is unlikely although I shall continue to strive to do so.

On the other hand, the 50th Anniversary story is in the last stages of completion and I will submit it next week. I want to do a few more proofreadings and there is always the possibility that I will find one more set of pictures that might prove interesting to insert. There is only one more set that we have been looking for and the discovery two days ago of the package from my mother was most rewarding in terms of having better images using the originals instead of copies from years ago.

After North Molton is complete then I will return to Abbots Ann. It is a gruelling task working on Abbots Ann but once I am into the middle 1700s then the task greatly improves. There is that 30 year period that is particularly poor that I must get through. That will also return my focus to the Blake one name study once again. I have taken a short hiatus from that. I want to work with the study group and write a paper on Theophilus Blake to submit to The American Genealogist. It is such an exciting story to tell and will assist Blake researchers in the United States as there are several distinct Blake lines there.

One of the pictures in the cache which my mother gave to us includes one with a label that belongs to the Taylor/Smart family. I have sent the information off to my grandmother's half-sister's descendants to see if the extra information will help them to identify this family. There is always the remote possibility that it is a picture of Elizabeth Rawlings Taylor but time will tell on that.

I want to continue with my extension of the Pincombe family past the 1911 census in sorting out marriages, baptisms and burials in as much as possible. That will be a side project that I will keep ongoing.

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