Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pincombe marriages and North Molton Parish Registers

I worked on the Pincombe marriages and it is surprising how many I actually do have between 1837 and 1911. Not so many Pinkham yet though; that needs to be a dedicated direction for the one name study. Once I have all the marriages that I can find then I want to do the births and deaths in conjunction with the census. Then I can move back into the parish registers. London is online at Ancestry making that task straightforward and I have most of the parishes in Devon where they lived but certainly not all of them.

Continuing with the North Molton Parish Registers I have completed to the end of 1656 with 3173 baptisms, 522 marriages, 135 banns, and 1529 burials. Looking at the results does skew the numbers somewhat as one might think that this was a very unusual parish with just half the number of burials to the baptisms but the reality is that 30+ years of burials are missing so easily 1200 to 1500 burials missing. There are banns once again as the Justice of the Peace is now recording the information on births, marriages and deaths (baptisms are also there which is a surprise but then North Molton is a long way from London and the authority of Cromwell).

There are more Pincombe entries but no unexpected ones particularly. I am curious about Pincombe entries from now until the end of the fiche that I own. I do not have any of them recorded if there are in fact any there. I watch the Bray family (and they have dwindled down in numbers) and the Tap family (still fairly frequent) that are also my ancestors as my lines were at North Molton in the earlier years.

Tomorrow I hope to complete this fiche and then I have two left. Completing the North Molton Parish Registers in November is becoming less likely although one never knows. I may put a push on for completion and leave some of the other items I had in mind until later. Although I do want to transcribe the last Pincombe will (Elizabeth Pincombe of Exeter) sooner rather than later and then I will have completed all the Pincombe wills that I have.

I also need to get started on my newsletter for the Eastern Region of the Guild of one name studies. I have a couple of other pending items there as well but I have a ten day block of days when I will be looking after all of these items. Right now I feel the push to get North Molton done. Of course, it is only me that is pushing. I have this tendency to be a bit of a scheduler although I also find it easy to adjust the schedule. It is just my numerical nature to be like that probably.

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